that time we bought a car on ebay

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

just reading up on the safety features....

matt and i have always been extremely blessed in the car situation.  my parents gave me their old car in college and it was in great condition.  matt bought his car from his brother for very little when he was in college and we have never had to worry about car stuff.  no payments or anything.  well both of those events happened years ago.  and both of our cars have started to struggle (although my husband would argue with that).  his car is reaching 200,000 miles (and still kickin!  yay for hondas!) and my car had started to have a lot of problems - more problems than it was worth.  so we took the plunge in December and bought our first car!  such an adult thing to do.  and even crazier than that, we bought it on ebay!  i know i know.  but that's my husband for you.  he finds the best deal possible, does TONS of research - for months and months and months - (I love you babe) and then pulls the trigger.  he's a smart man you know.  one of the many thousand reasons i married him (yay me!).  so that's kinda how this went.  we test drove a similar car in Wilmington before making our purchase. we knew we wanted a small SUV and we love our car.  we really do.  but i'd be lying if i said it didn't come with a few disappointments.  

for starters, the back seat and back storage area are both a little smaller than we had hoped.  that's the main issue for little ole me.  because i ride back there at times now with baby G while Matt drives.  so it can get a little cramped.  also - there is no AC vent in the back on the ceiling leaving our tiny baby lady so sweaty despite the AC being on high.  so matt and i are looking at some options.  we may keep our car, because, like i said, we really do like it.  it's safe and does the job.  but we are also looking again.  and we are starting with chevys.  which leads me to some exciting news and a little secret i've been keeping.  for the next few months (starting NOW!) i will be collaborating with Jeff Gordan Chevrolet.  i'll be test driving some cars and writing honest reviews!  they aren't paying me or anything, just being kind enough to let me drive some cars.  so these reviews are all me yall.  no beating around the bush.  so excited to give yall straight-up opinions.  because buying a car is intense.  and scary.  and as a woman, i sometimes feel so clueless.  well no more!  so with that i will leave ya, but come back tomorrow because i'm reviewing my first car - a Chevrolet Equinox!

Have you had any experience car shopping lately?  Any tips or things I should be aware of?  Anything imparticular you would like for me to mention in the review? 

see yall tomorrow!!

ps - how pumped does gigi look about driving that equinox for the weekend?
she was bit emotional when we had to give it back....



Anonymous said...

We're glad you and Gigi enjoyed the Equinox and we look forward to the full review tomorrow! And we also hope that your insight helps your followers become more confident about purchasing a new car in general - but, preferably from us, of course ;)

Jeff Gordon Chevy
228 S. College Rd
Wilmington, NC 28403

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

We bought a new car when Henry was about 2 months old. Phil's car was on its last leg and I really wanted something with side airbags in the back (the things you think about when you have a baby). Also, both of our cars were compacts and it was REALLY hard to get the carseat in there without killing your back. We went with a Toyota Highlander and I LOVE IT!! But we had a bunch of things we were looking for that took a lot of other cars off the table (like we wanted something that would fit both dog crates in the back but wasn't a full SUV).

Wow... longest comment ever. :)

Unknown said...

What a fun and unique opportunity! When our little girl was around 9 months old and I was pregnant with the boy, we took the plunge and got a Toyota Sienna. Best decision ever! Once you go mini van, you never go back. LOL Have fun!

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