Georgia lately.... in a lot of really cute outfits

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

gigi is in to EVERYTHING.  i can't take my eyes off of her for one second.  and oh sevilla.  sevilla we are sorry.  you will never get daytime sleep again.  and i still can't believe that we are one week and one day from g's one year birthday.  cue the tears.  oh but life is fun.  so fun.  and i am so thankful i get to wake up to her face every day.

also - little miss's nursery was featured on Southern Mama and Child yesterday!  oh the honor!  thank you so much britt.  if y'all haven't checked out this new site, it's a must!

and!  and!  voting is almost up!  so keep it up lovely readers!  your support is SO appreciated.

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nicole said...

oooh you're making me want to have a girl :)

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