Holiday Gift Guide for HIM

Thursday, November 20, 2014

1.  The Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler.  My hubby enjoys cooking and grilling and he absolutely lvoes trying new "rubs" or seasonings.  And salt?  Well let's just say there's a love affair going on.  No matter how much I salt our food, Matt always has to add a little extra.  So I think this sea salt sampler is the perfect gift for a guy like him.  I know he would love trying out the different flavors (as will Georgia and I!).  $19

2.  Speck IPhone Case.  Guys like minimal - at least my guy does.  I can promise you Matt doesn't want an IPhone case in any color other than black (unless it's Wake Forest gold), and he sincerely needs a case.  I'm leaning towards this one because he can throw a card or two along with a bit of cash in the back which makes it so easy.  Love this case for guys.  $27

3.  Man Can.  Truth be told, my hubby likes candles.  He's been known to light one while I'm not home when he's cleaning or getting stuff done.  He's a keeper I know.  But how cute manly are these candles?  I love them!  I think Matt will definitely end up with one or two of these under the tree.  I'm thinking he may even like one for his desk at work!  $10

4.  Jelly Beans.  These are my hubby's favorite for sure.  So whatever the man in your life loves to snack on, make sure some form of it winds up under the tree!  I'm thinking this 4 lb. jar should last Matt about a month ;).  $23

5.  BMW Luggage Expandable Toploader.  If your hubby travels at all for work this is the perfect gift.  I've been trying to find one for Matt because he has been traveling more lately.  I love that this one serves a  briefcase but can easily slide over the handle of your carry on luggage for ease in the airport.  $300

6.  Math Glasses.  These are so fun.  Matt is super smart.  And loves math and science.  And I just think it would be fun for all the men out there to take their bourbon in a glass with pi on it! $38

7.  Weber Smoker Box.  As I mentioned above, Matt loves grilling.  He's always wanted to try to smoke something and I love that this little smoke box let's your try it out on your own grill.  $22

And congrats to the winner of the Mimi's the Look Giveaway!  Results HERE!

my first experience with Stitch Fix

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

wearing my favorite shirt from stitch fix.  holding my favorite girl.

Have yall heard of the ever-growing, personal shopping experience called Stitch Fix?  Well you should have!  Because it is ah-mazing.  See nowadays, I don't love shopping (my husband may disagree).  And I just don't have the time.  Try bringing a toddler into JCrew and see what happens.  Enter Stitch Fix.  The initial concept flagged my attention and some of my friends have tried (and loved) it so I thought I'd give it a whirl.  You sign up here, fill out a long and personal style questionnaire and your personal shopper does the rest!  You can even attach a link to your Pinterest Style board and leave personal comments (I requested a flannel shirt with some red in it and low and behold I got the softest, most comfy, absolutely perfect flannel shirt in my shipment!).  Another cool feature?  You attach price points to each categories (pants, tops, dresses, jewelry), so you won't receive a bunch of fabulous items that you can't afford.  The best part?  It's no strings attached.  You pay $20 to receive the shipment and if you don't like anything in the shipment, you mail it all back and all you forfeit is your 20 bucks.  But if you keep anything, your $20 goes towards the purchase of that item.  And even better, if you like everything you get 25% off of it all!  I spent $225 on my last shipment and kept everything.  I got a dress, a flannel shirt, jeans, a long cardigan and a black blouse.  I think I made out pretty great.  I also love the style cards sent with each piece offering various ways to style your items.  I kinda wanted to hug my personal shopper.  I know we would be friends in real life.  

So anyway, I think you should give it a shot!  Sign up HERE (I get a credit if you use my link!) and fill out your questionnaire and just wait.  Wait for Christmas to show up in your mailbox.  It's that good!

Holiday Gift Guide for HER

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

holiday gift guide for HER

1.  Gabriella Backpack.  I mentioned in this post about my new love affair with backpacks.  They are chic and practical and I love everything about them.  I carry this backpack EVERYWHERE I go.  I use it on date nights with the hubs as my purse and when I'm running around with G as a diaper bag.  It's the perfect size and goes with everything.  $56

2. BKR Water Bottle.  I think these are the cutest water bottles.  I've heard great things about them and I'm ready to give em a whirl.  So the gloss colored bottle is on my wishlist.  $30

3. The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ.  This stuff smells heavenly and I've been wanting to add it to my regime for quite sometime.  Fingers crossed it's under the tree.  $20

4. The Perfect Lip Collection by Beauty Counter.  After I scrub my lips thanks to Sara Happ, I hope I get to moisterize, color and shine them with this colloection!  I absolutely love the nude lip color in this collection and this would make the perfect gift for you mom, sister, friend or wife!  $60

5. Hurley Crop Legging. I love these leggings!  I think they would be so cute at the gym (duh) but also just running errands if maybe the gym was just a nice thought (more likely).  $48

6. Luminous Skin Collection by Beauty Counter.  OK truthfully, this should be at the top.  I own this collection and let me just tell you that every women in your life NEEDS this scrub, oil and rosewater.  I like to take baths every Sunday and I'll use the scrub before I get out, following it with the oil all over.  A few spritzes of Rosewater Spray on my face and I honestly feel as though I'm leaving the spa.  The Rosewater spray is a constant in my life (I have on by my bed and one in my purse), and I love mixing a few drops of the oil (the rosemary and citrus scent is to die for!) with my lotion after my shower or baths.  And the scrub?  Anyone that has tried it is hooked.  It's that delicious.  $120 

7.  Rip Curl One Piece Rashguard.  I fell in love with the rashguard trend over the summer but never pulled the trigger.  But I'm glad I didn't because this rashguard/one piece is on my must have list please!  It's adorable and would be perfect for chasing a toddler around in the sand come summer.  $69.50

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