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Thursday, October 2, 2014

1.  Miss G was hoping that this picture would make it to the North Pole.  So if you've got any connections with Ole Saint Nick.  Help a sista out :)
2.  Sleepy head and birdie hair
3. & 4.  Tube scarves.  On a baby.  And leopard skinnies?  I just can't.
5.  A sick baby sleeping like an angel is enough to make mommy's heart melt.

big goodbye to september and a warm welcome to october

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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** i mean really, fall baby clothes?  i die of the cuteness...

I'm really not one to be glad when things are over.  I try my best to appreciate all things in life.  But September?  You were a good month.  No a great month - but also a hard month.  Septembers are always busy for my family.  Between birthdays (3 best friends, one nephew, one sister-in-law and my daddy), anniversaries (my parents and my own), family vacations (my side and Matt's side) and a busy travel season for the hubby (5 weekends in a row he was gone!) - well it was slightly exhausting.  In the best possible way that is.  I always look forward to Septembers - mainly because of the reasons listed above.  So much to celebrate, be thankful for and it's kind of my month to say farewell to all things summer.  But between all of the happy things that September brought, it also brought a very sick baby G.  We battled a week of high fever coupled with a rash and serious tummy issues, followed by 2 weeks of wellness and then again another week of fever (this time coupled with runny nose!).  So - as much fun and happiness came with September, I am looking forward to October.  A fresh month with hopefully lots of healthy babies in my future.  And!  It's sweet hubby's birthday!  Yay!  Yay!  And there is football and tailgating in my future!  And while I really couldn't care less about the actual game, the tailgating and friend time is my happy place.  Plus, I'm hoping to check some of my fall to-do's off the list.  So, cheers October!  I'm ready for ya!

my fall to-do list

Friday, September 26, 2014

1. one last ode to summer
2. i mean the cutest fall outfit you ever did see!  overall skirt!  i die...
3. & 4. getting pumped up for a wake forest game with daddy :)

i can't believe it's fall.  and it's friday.  and i haven't blogged this week (ooooops!)  i have good reason!  i gave my powder room leopard spots.  yep you read that right.  i literally stenciled leopard spots all over it (reveal to come in the next 2 weeks) and i re-did my laundry room!  and!  and!  i have some amazing friends in town all weekend.  soooooooo life has been busy.  but so good busy!  so for now i'll leave you with my fall to do list.  because i'm kinda loving this fall weather yall.  and so does g.  being outside without melting is a blessing.  and we are taking advantage of that, especially this weekend!  so here are some things i plan to do this season - what about you?

- carve a pumpkin with matt and georgia
- frolic in fallen leaves
- sip something hot on my front porch under a blanket
- tailgate
- go to a college football game
- walk on the beach (fall is the BEST time for this i tell ya!)
- sit by a campfire
- make s'mores
- make a yummy soup
- go on a hike with my loves

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