And baby makes FOUR! (five including our fur baby!)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Surprise!  While I've been MIA for the past few weeks, I've also been (and still am) pregnant!  Georgia will be a big sis this July.  Apparently I have a thing for July babies?!  Baby #2 is due a few weeks before G turns 2!  We are overwhelmed, excited and feeling so unbelievably blessed.  Unfortunately a lot of this first trimester has been spent hovering over a toilet as I've been kinda sick, and exhausted (chasing after a toddler probably adds to that!), but I know it will all be so very worth it and I cannot wait to meet my sweet baby.  I love him/her so much already.  And I know G is going to be the very best big sister.  She is such a loving child already, always sharing her "baba" (aka sippy cup of milk) with her animals and giving them kisses before night night.  Her new favorite word is "cozy" and that is code for cuddle time, under a blanket with mommy or daddy.  

So surprise!  Anticipate some preggy posts to come :)

Merry Christmas!

oh hey! i'm alive!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

preparing to take on the slide at chik fil a....

my heart

sooo about the radio silence.  so sorry about that.  things have been a bit out of control over here!  between christmas decorating, baking and all things merry life has been a fun mess!  and then.  thennnnnnn, my family came down with the worst. stomach bug. EVER.  like ever in the history.  like i threw up every 20 minutes for 13 hours worst ever.  so yea.  and thankfully my saint of a mom and dad were able to swoop in a save our tiny princess from our contaminated house so she did not get it.  not sure what i would do with out my parents, i really don't.  or my huz.  because when he felt just as bad as i did, he still Cloroxed and Lysoled away as to prevent any further contamination.  love my family.

so yea.  we are on the mend thankfully.  and just in time for my mama's annual cookie exchange party!  and the VS fashion show tonight!  and!  and!  my 29th birthday tomorrow!  wahooo!  lots of celebrating ahead and i love it.  so i apologize for the MIA-ness around here.  i promise to bring some great posts next week (a car review!  a special little announcement!  and lots of christmas cheer!).  until then, i'm going to go enjoy my last day as a 28 year old!


cyber monday // give back

Monday, December 1, 2014

cousins on thanksgiving

I've been excited for today for awhile.  I'm a BIG online shopper you see.  Cyber Monday is like my arena.  I love it.  But something happened last night.  Matt and I were watching 60 minutes per a usual Sunday night and it highlighted the World Food Programme, specifically it's work in aiding Syrian Refuges, and suddenly Cyber Monday seemed like a joke.  I was stunned.  In the 21st Century, in a world where my family had TOO MANY leftovers on Thanksgiving, people, children, are dying from starvation.  I'm not completely naive now.  I know there are other parts of this world, other parts of my city even, where people don't live like I do.  Where the last thing on their minds is Cyber Monday and the most pressing concern is their next meal.  But when the face of a child, a young girl, flashed across my TV screen in the arms of her mother where she died from hunger, I just couldn't shake it.  No child should die of hunger today.  Especially when food is just a few blocks away (which was the case for this sweet, poor child).  I know most of us sincerely try to give back, especially this time of year.  And I truly believe your efforts make a huge difference.  Whether it's Operation Christmas Child, Salvation Army Donations or baked goods for those in need, your help is needed and appreciated.  So I guess this post is just a whole lot of rambling for me to say thanks.  Thanks to those who tirelessly work for the good of others.  Thanks to the World Food Programme.  To their volunteers who give their lives to bring a little hope to families who have lost theirs.  You bring Jesus to places that have lost everything.  Thank you.  Also I want to encourage you ALL to take this quiz.  It is COMPLETELY FREE and takes maybe 90 seconds.  And for each quiz taken, a meal is donated.  Please yall.  It doesn't take much.  You can also donate to the World Food Programme Here.

**This post is NOT a bashing on Cyber Monday or shopping at all.  I believe in supporting small businesses and I love picking out gifts for loved ones.  It was just a bit of a reminder, maybe just for myself, that there is a bigger world that we live in.  One that needs us to act.  And act now.

Happy Monday!

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