on making big picture goals

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

she's recently requested bows and it makes this mama's heart SO HAPPY!

this was a sick morning and one where she did not sleep great the night before.  so we had cinnamon bread for breakfast and that made her pretty happy!

and this is how miss gigi feels about doctor's visits

cuddles with mommy are the. best!

no mom really, let me where your Uggs

The above pictures are just a highlight real of my IPhone lately ha!  Truth be told, my whole fam is recovering from a yucky cold.  G and I are on the uphill, while dada over here is still working on it.  But hey!  It's been 60 degree weather and well that makes us super happy.  And I'm dead set on enjoying this weekend and nursing my wholeeeeee fam back to 100% health by Saturday morning.  So water, OJ and chicken noodle soup it is!  And lots of washing... everything.  I mean everything.  I think I've washed Georgia's stuffed animals and our sheets 3 times this week already.  GO AWAY COLD!  We're done with ya!  I digress...

So this year when I set out to make goals I was overwhelmed.  I hadn't made a single goal and yet I already felt overwhelmed.  Anyone else relate?  I made some personal goals, picked my one word and while those didn't seem as overwhelming, I knew I had some goals with regards to our home.  We need to live with less.  Our home has overwhelmed me for quite some time now.  Everyone's closets are bursting at the seams, each kitchen cabinet is full (with who knows what!) and everywhere I look all I see is stuff!  And more stuff!  And it's like I don't even know where to begin with organizing.  With that, I decided to take the entire year, work my way through our home and simplify.  By that I mean, purge, purge, purge, de-clutter and organize.  I play the words of William Morris in my head all day it seems, "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."  That is my new mantra.  But how was I going to do this?  I have a wild and free toddler running around my house at all times and a new babe cooking in my belly.  Cue the anxiety again.  So I decided to make big goals - month-by-month goals.  Goals that would seem silly to some but make everything more manageable to me.  So in January, you know what I'm focusing on?  The pantry and making sure my Christmas decorations are away and organized.  That's it.  I do a little each weekend on the pantry, throwing away and organizing so we can actually use what we have and not run to the grocery store for black beans when we, in fact, have 3 cans that are just miserably stuffed in the back!  So pantry and Christmas is on the docket for the month.  Next month?  Georgia's closet and the guest bedroom closet (which holds boxes I haven't touched since we moved here 2 years ago! shameful...).  So there's my brilliant plan ladies and gents.  And I encourage you to do the same.  If you have some huge goal you want to attain, or some big picture, make small goals and make them manageable.  Too many times have I added to my To Do List all the while knowing it will be impossible to complete everything on it.  Just stop!  Done is better than perfect friends and you have to start somewhere.  

Speaking of my big picture goal, any of you have tips for organizing and purging a home?  Much appreciated!  xox

Georgia's Big Girl Room Inspiration

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

With visions of another nursery running through my head (as we patiently wait 3 more weeks to find out if baby #2 is a boy or a girl!), I am trying to sort through Georgia's "Big Girl Room" as well!  AKA her toddler room.  We will definitely keep her crib in there for a while but the way our house is designed we are planning to move her into a bigger room across the hall before the baby comes.  We will probably do this late Spring, so she has time before the baby comes to adjust.  But gosh I just don't know where I want to go with this.  We will most likely do a daybed that she will transition into between 2. and 3 years old.  I just love the look and feel of daybeds and I grew up with one so it has some sentimental value as well.  And I love that it can roll out a trundle for a friend!  So daybed it is, But other than that I have one million ideas!  I know I want it to be fun.  I know I want her to be able to grow into the room and I know I want it to feel more grown up without feeling too old.  So here are some of my inspirations all found on my Pinterest Board here.  Which are yalls favorites?  Any tips for this mama?

love the fabric headboard  //  image found here

this rug makes me happy  //  image found here
loving the walls in this room.  and our walls are already a similar color so all we'd have to do is add stripes!  //  image found here
love the color palate in here!  mint + coral  //  image found here
and again the fabric headboard on a daybed.  love so much!  //  image found here

our schedule as of late

Friday, January 9, 2015

*all photos taken by my amazingly talented best friend, meredith miller, during our christmas party.

these days the little lady has a wild mind of her own, and frankly a schedule of her own too.  so our days look slightly different than the last but that's ok.  truthfully, i've never been good about keeping a schedule, but as georgia has gotten older i have attempted to make it more of a priority.  ultimately she does better with a schedule.  so i've been using the Moms on Call App to keep me straight!  We are also in the process of dropping her morning nap AND experiencing a bit of the 18 month sleep regression, so let's just say things are interesting these days.  but nonetheless they are fun.  so fun!  so here is what most of our days look like:

7-7:30 - wake up.  let me just pause here and say this is ideal.  this is what matt and i silently pray for as we lay georgia down at night.  and we get this a few mornings a week.  but a few mornings a week we also get the 5:45 wake-up.  so when that happens we deal.  
7:30 - breakfast.  g is on an egg kick these days.
7:30-9:30/10 - play play play!  we try to get lots of wiggles out here.
9:30 or 10 - snack time! usually applesauce and a granola bar, or some yogurt
10-12 - play some more!  this is a hard time of day for us.  georgia is usually exhausted because she hasn't adjusted to one nap a day just yet so it's super important for me to keep her occupied.  i bring out the play dough or we go for walks.  i try to avoid the car during this time so she doesn't nod off for a quick cat nap.
12 - lunch time.  because she is so sleepy by this time, this is her "worst" meal of the day in terms of how much she eats + her attention span.  so i save her favorites for lunch - things she can't turn down (yogurt, guacamole, mac n cheese, turkey/cranberry/cheese sandwich, kiwi, strawberries and veggie soup are all on rotation during lunch)
12:30ish - naptime!  she usually sleeps anywhere from 2-3 hours during this time.  when she wakes up we play play play until snack.
3:30 - snack time.  usually some hummus, cheddar bunnies, a smoothie and/or apple slices
5:30/6 - dinner time!  matt and i don't eat at this time because he isn't home from work yet so she usually eats whatever we had the night before, or what we are having that night just a little early.
7 - bath time.  this is a serious struggle lately and i'm not sure what gives.  she used to love bathtime!  any suggestions mamas?
7:30/8 - night night as georgia says.  and then mom and day pray for 12 hours of sleep.

wala!  that is how we roll.  what do you other mamas do for a schedule?  any tips?

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