Britt from Southern Mama + Child: Living on Purpose

Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy Monday!  And happy March!  Here's to hoping March brings some spring time weather right?!  Today is the last day of our guest posts in the series, Living on Purpose.  I'll still be sharing my post though later this week.  But today the sweet Britt, from Southern Mama + Child is here!  Britt has a heart of gold and we had the random chance of meeting last spring when she was in Wilmington!  If you haven't heard of Britt's new site, Southern Mama + Child you are missing out.  She covers everything from decorating your home to feeding your family.  I'm so thankful she is here today to share part of her heart!  Take it away Britt!


I am so thankful for the opportunity to be here today on Denise's lovely blog sharing a little bit about how I aspire to live everyday with intention and purpose. My name is Britt, and I have a resource blog called Southern Mama+ Child. I try to give the best information about motherhood including guides, real mama stories, inspiring nurseries, mama+child style, recipes, and much more!

Living with intention and purpose is hard for me to do each and every day, but what is important is that I do strive to achieve that each day. One of my biggest lessons in life was becoming a mother and experiencing loss at the same time. I will keep the details light and short, but 3 months after I lost my brother and nephews in a hiking accident I became a mother. I'd say my head was in the clouds for many months after she was born. I was happy, distracted, tired, grieving, and trying to take care of myself and a newborn. Nothing could have prepared me for becoming a mom and nothing could have prepared me for loss. It's what I did after that changed my life completely. Part of me is glad that I was in shock for close to a year, because in many ways it saved me, and I was able to focus on being happy and fulfilling my role as a mother. Many people ask me how I did it, and I really cannot give a true answer. But, what I did do, was live each day fully and find happiness in every small thing I could. Doing just that kept me hopeful. A baby's smile, a load of laundry put away, a fresh cup of coffee in hand, a nice text... the list goes on. I've thrived off of those moments and made them huge positives in my life. Each day is a gift, I know that, more than most people, so I made it a promise to myself to praise happy moments and to praise positivity, because that is what gets me through each and every day.

Three Tips For Staying Positive

1. Do not let other's people's negativity take up too much of my happy life. If my friend, spouse, or family member is having a bad day, I definitely will be there for them, but I try not to let it disrupt my whole day. Too often do I get so involved in others' feelings that it affects my own. When offering advice to someone, I always try to bring up positive things from the negative situation to help turn it around. Leaving them on a positive note can help them feel better sooner.

2. Radiate positivity always. One of my biggest things is to not post negative things on social media and try to keep gossip to myself. No matter how upset or mad I could be at something, social media is just not the place to express those feelings and gossiping to a friend in time of hurt can escalate things in an unnecessary manner. I think people feeding off of positivity over negativity is much more effective to other's and friendships. When I lift others up I inadvertently lift up my own spirits. Plus, this is a great way to be a positive role model for my child. Having my daughter see me praising positivity will encourage her to do that as well.

3. Leave some sparkle wherever I go. I always try to encourage others. Saying thank you goes a very long way. Not being on my cell phone in the check out line and asking the person how their day is going is polite and shows appreciation for that person and their job, pushing my chair in at a restaurant, or simply smiling at others when they may not be smiling. These little notions are small, but their impact is huge. I know that when I was struggling in the grocery store with a fussy baby one day that another woman's smile and encouraging words went a loooong way.

The world is not always rainbows and butterflies. I know that. And life can throw us unexpected hurt and pain. No matter how long or short term those hiccups are, there is always a reason and an opportunity to learn from it. I am still learning to live with loss, and my recovery has been a long road, but I couldn't do it without those 3 reminders each day. I know my back story may not be relatable to everyone, but I think every person experiences some type of hiccup in their life and hopefully my story was inspiring.

Thank you again Denise for letting me write here today, I am truly grateful that you let me share my story. And, thank you to those who took the time to read my story! I hope you will come over and visit my blog, Southern Mama+Child :)

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Sheila from The Failte House: Living on Purpose

Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy Friday!  I hope each of you have enjoyed these posts and this series as much as I have.  These women are real and honest and their hearts are pure.  I love reading the different ways each person chooses to live on purpose.  Well, we are wrapping up the series soon.  We've got two more posts for next week, one being mine!  But today we have a special treat - the lovely Sheila from The Failte House Blog and Sheila Sheridan Photography.  Sheila is someone who inspires my core.  Every time we catch up she asks real, bold questions.  I love that in a person.  She is someone who chooses to live her life for Jesus on purpose and she does so fearlessly (or at least it seems that way:)!).  I'll let her do the rest of the talking today I suppose...


When sweet Denise asked me to write a post on how I plan to Live on Purpose this year, I chuckled.  You see, three years ago Denise wrote a blog post about how she picks one verb each January and focuses on that word throughout the year. I was so inspired by her post, I made this part of my yearly New Year Eve rituals for the past three years.  

My first word was Gratitude – I wanted to learn to live each day with a thankful heart, focusing on the positive and learning to give thanks for the good and bad.  I also started a 1,000 Gift Gratitude Journal, a big thank you to Ann Vonskamp, and try to practice gratitude daily.  My second word was Courage – I wanted to let go of fear and learn to live life without being held back by my own worries.  I learned the best way to overcome fear is by just taking the first step.  It is amazing to see how many fears are left behind after you learn to take one small step forward.

My third, and current, word is joy.  My dream is to become a woman of joy with a content and grateful heart.  I want to wake up every day and make the decision to choose joy, even in challenging situations. And when I face conflict or trials during the day, I want to choose joy.  And when I go to bed a night, I want to look back and see how I tried to choose joy that day.  

Finding the beauty in every situation has not been the easiest, especially during this busy season of work, but I believe I am living on purpose in 2015 by continually striving to choose joy in all situations. It’s wonderful how a joyful, grateful and content heart can help you take an average day, and make it a beautiful day. 

Choose joy with me this year!

Xoxo always,

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Sarah from Sarah Tucker Styles: Living on Purpose

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The beautiful Sarah Tucker is here today to share how she is Living on Purpose.  Sarah is the first blog I really read and followed and she was definitely the one who inspired me to get into blogging.  I admire so much about Sarah - her humble nature, her natural living tips, her mama way and her style.  I imagine if/when we meet we would sit in a coffee shop and chat for hours about being a mama and wife! And her hubby and my hubby share an alma mater, so that's fun!  She is the true definition of class and her tiny, handsome little Tuck?  I die.  So stinkin' cute.  OK I'll stop rambling and let Sarah take it away...


“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” - Howard Thurman

I quit my job last November, which was something that at times made me come alive.  But it was overwhelming me in this season of my life.  There are so many working mother's that amaze me - they do it with such grace.  I realized I wasn't one of them.  I was frazzled and struggling at balancing any of it.  So for this season, I decided to take a break.  If a break is such a thing with small children (; ... This season is short.   Just typing that makes me want to hold onto it but I know it's like sand slipping through the cracks of my hands.  Which makes me a bit weepy to be honest.   I am a mom to a just turned two year old little wild man nicknamed Tuck, and in two months I'll welcome his brother, Wesley, into this world.  Being with him day in and day out is a hard thing but the best thing for me right now.  Sometimes I am not very good at it.  I'm still his mom, his world, and so he doesn't seem to mind.  Thank God for the grace children are easy to give.  Something that worries me as I've transitioned into full time stay at home mama is that I'll lose myself.  I'll get so caught up with my children that I'll forget all of the things that made me come alive, the dreams God has placed in my heart from before I was born.  Truthfully, I've already fallen down that rabbit hole a bit!  I think that's a pool we mother's can't help but dip our toes into.  These babies, they are our world, aren't they?  So I think part of living on purpose in this season of my life is reminding myself that it is just that - a season. One of the most precious seasons of my life for sure. Which helps me to focus on it, die to myself a bit more than is comfortable, and trust that God (as always) outdoes my plans tenfold into something more beautiful than I could have dreamed up.  But I think it's still important to keep those things that make your heart sing close to you, to never lose them, sure they will evolve possibly into something better - but I want to remember them.  I want my children to see me as their mother who loves them unconditionally, but also one with purpose and passions all her own.  So what makes me come alive/ what fires me up?  Adventures.  The colors of the ocean.  being seaside.  a great conversation with a close friend.  my momma's love for her family.  marriage.  Gods Grace.  gratitude.  veggie gardens.  florals.  being outside.  porches.  walks.  children.  snuggling.  my boys!  helping others.  my family.  camera in hand.  blogging about things that matter vs just stuff.  early mornings.  good books.  good food.  organic everything.  .... And so I hope, once this season is done, and my babies are in elementary that whatever I do involves those things to some extent.  I hope I add a few more.  I know my children will teach me more than any school or any job - I just have to pay attention.  Some days I will fall short, some days it will be hard to see the beauty through the stains on my t-shirt, my ratty hair, my dark circles looking back at me in the mirror.  But I hope I look at my children with wonder and wide eyes, am grateful for this time together, give myself some Grace when I think I've fallen short and share what makes me come alive with my boys.  

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