Wednesday, August 20, 2014

my workout "routine" and new gear love

 georgia loves the towel too
practicing her downward dog

not sure what it was about georgia turning 1, but after her birthday i finally felt the push to get back in to regular exercise.  and i feel so. much. better.  cheers to taking care of yourself jeez.  my fitness goals since having a baby are vastly different from what they were before georgia.  it's funny really.  before georgia, and while i was pregnant, i exercised regularly and "just knew that once she was born i would jump right back in.  i mean i was going to be bikini ready by the summer"  Ha!  oh naive nisey.  my body needed time.  my mind needed time.  and frankly it wasn't at the top of my priority list anymore.  sure i took a class here and there, maybe 3 a month, but i just wasn't ready to exercise again.  part of this was because i was sleep walking for about 9 months and part of it was discipline.  i allowed myself some grace in that department.  ok a lot of grace.  but whatever the reasons were, i just wasn't ready.  

well, now i am.  and i find myself drawn to more yoga and Pilates than before.  i used to be a dancer so i was decently flexible back in my day.  now?  embarrassingly enough i can't even touch my toes.  ok fine.  i'm not even close!  matt encourages me to stretch more because, not only is he way more flexible than me now, the amount of stiffness and inflexibility i possess is alarming.  so when i can't go to the gym (which is 5 out of the 7 days a week usually) I turn to my favorite - good ole Tracy Anderson.  I did her Pregnancy Videos and love love loveeeeed them.  And I recently started the metamorphosis DVD's and those are great! side note: by recently I mean yesterday :) I've done them before but always stopped before the 90 days, so this time I'm determine to push through.  I never have time to do the cardio DVD and the toning one.  So usually I do the toning one and a few times a week will go for a jog.  I also have been trying the P90X Yoga DVD to work on my flexibility.  side note: this dvd is HARD!  i can only do the first 30 minutes.  but hey!  i'm working on it. 

 i've also decided to upgrade some of my gear.  these two purchases make yoga and tracy's work outs wayyyyyy more enjoyable!  since i'm not flexible THIS yoga block has been amazing.  it makes stretching so much more comfortable and is a great way for me to ease back into my flexibility.  i also love THIS yoga mat towel.  i've always slipped on my yoga mat.  always.  not sure why i am just now purchasing one of these genius towels but i'm so glad i finally got one.  it also provides added support and cushion.  and is having an amazing summer sale and you can get these 2 helpers here!  hurry hurry!  i think i may buy a few more towels....

Yoga Outlet Sale HERE

What are your favorite workout DVD's?  how do you busy people find time to exercise?!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

a beach morning

i love her belly.  like really really love it.

saturday morning matt and i woke with no real plans for the day ahead.  we had my nephew's birthday dinner later that night, but nothing until 5:30!  it was kinda like christmas.  we've been on such a go-go-go spiral these days with trips and plans and while it has been so much fun, it has been exhausting.  so we welcomed the relaxing day ahead.  we decided to pack up our tiny love and head to the beach.  georgia loves the ocean.  it almost scares me how much she loves it.  she wiggles and tries her hardest to run full speed ahead into the water.  and when a wave comes and knocks her down?  she looks at me and laughs, ready for more.  it leaves matt and i scratching our heads, because this child of ours truly has no fear.  i see things in my baby that i wish i would've had and it makes me excited.  i never want to tame her wild spirit - only foster and encourage it.  i don't want to her to fear things or second guess herself like her mama.  i want her to make a decision and run with it, never looking back.  and truth-be-told she's pretty good at that so far.  and i like that about my sweet baby.

Friday, August 15, 2014

happy friday and some links for ya

Is it really Friday?  Gosh where did this week go!  I know I promised some Gigi Birthday Soiree Pictures this week but between teaching Spanish Camp for 3 days and getting settled again from vacation last weekend, geez!  I haven't had a chance to edit those little photos!  Except for this one.  I just love it.  But hubby and I are so pumped for a weekend at home... dare I say it, with NO concrete plans?!  So I will edit those photos my friends.  Until then, I'll leave you with these 2 articles that I enjoyed.  Happy Friday!  xox

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gigi's Reading List

Gigi's Reading List


Guess How Much I Love You (Hardcover)

One of G's favorite things to do these days is "read."  She will sit for literally 30 minutess and just go through her books turning the pages.  Sometimes she will then hand you one for you to read, and then it's off to turn some more pages.  She especially loves "reading" before bed time after bath.  It's her way of prolonging her night night I believe.  Whatever the case we have our favorites, and by we I mean the baby lady.  She gravitates towards the same books and when we open them, it is like someone told her the biggest joke- she breaks into a belly laugh.  Above are our absolute favorites.  Pretty much anything by Sandra Boynton or Nancy Tillman are gold in my opinion.  Tillman's illustrations with kids and animals seem magical and Boynton's silly stories make G smile.  Dear Zoo is a new favorite of our's and the flaps are already worn from G constantly lifting them then looking back at me with a grin.  I Love You, Stinky Face and Guess How Much I love You are two of the first books I ever read to Goergia.  I still read them every day and I truly enjoy them just as much as my little one (Matt and I have also both memorized each of these books! ha!).

What about y'all?  So your little one's have favorite books?  What should we add to G's collection?

Friday, August 8, 2014

july 30, 2014

on the morning of my baby's 1st birthday, she decided to sleep until 8:30!  of course!  the one morning i am up and pacing for her to wake up!  but finally my little bundle of sweet joy woke up and her daddy and i went in to get her.  she was still such a sleepy head so we stole some cuddles and let her try on her birthday hat.  then daddy went to work and G and i headed to her very last Kindermusik class!  after spending the morning with her friends, we came home for a nap and awaiting the arrival of her nana, g-daddy, nanny and pop pop.  then we celebrated the night away with pizza and "cake" (i made a cake out of banana bread and applesauce.... so i feel dishonest using the word cake! ha).  and it was the most perfect way to celebrate georgia's birth.  after baby went to bed and grandparents headed home, my baby daddy and i toasted each other to make it through one year of parenting.  go us!  and yay for a perfect day!

can't wait to share her birthday party pictures with yall next week!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

xove baby review

getting 3 babies to sit still on the couch for more than half a second is serious yall.... but we tried :)

When I find a brand that I love, you can pretty much count me as a fan for life.  Anytime that brand is local? Fist pump please!  Anytime that brand also gives back?!  Double fist pump.  And today, I get to share a brand that does all of the above - XOve Baby.  It has become my go-to for baby shower gifts with their adorable onesies and baby blankets.  The onesies are soft enough (made with 100% organic cotton) for the newest baby skin but sturdy enough for serious play dates (as proved above!).  Their blankets are perfect for swaddling or cuddling.  We are transitioning G out of the sleep sack during her naps and at night and this blanket is the only one I trust with the job.  It's soft and still breathable and G loves curling up in her crib or on the couch with it.  There are three designs currently and I'm planning on stocking G with all of them.  Check them out below and get your shop on!


*** side note - while the largest size currently offered is 9-12 months it fits G perfectly!  They have some stretch which is nice so you can get a lot of wear out of them.  Tripp is modeling the Signature Print above in a 3-6 month size and he is 8 months!  Like I said, the onesies have stretch and are a great staple for a baby wardrobe because they really can continue to wear them for months and months.  Miss Anna Davis is modeling the Pearl Print in a 6-9 months.

thank you to my adorable models Tripp (8 months), Anna Davis (7 months) and Georgia (1 year)