newborn photos with Jennifer Simpson

Friday, July 31, 2015

**All photos taken by the talented Jennifer of Jennifer Simpson Photography.

When Matthew was one week old, my little family of four had the pleasure of visiting Jennifer Simpson's new studio here in Wilmington for a little photo sesh.  Jennifer is theeee sweetest and she made Georgia immediately feel right at home (I mean she had gold fish and toys on hand!  win win!).  Not to mention is she talented!  My little toddler was quite the handful during this hour and a half and I was honestly wondering if she got ANY good shots... until I saw them!  I was in awe.  Thank you Jennifer for capturing our family as we welcome baby Matthew.  We will cherish this photos forever!

**Side note: we had originally planned on doing hospital photos with Jennifer but when the big sister showed up that morning she was a bit fragile and I knew pictures were not going to work out.  I called and rescheduled right then and she could not have been more understanding and accommodating.  Thank you so much Jenny, you are a gem and I cannot wait to work with you again soon!

two years

Thursday, July 30, 2015

photo by jennifer simpson photography (gotta love the gold fish in her mouth!)

Two years ago this sweet girl gave me my favorite name - mommy.  Georgia Grace is has been an honor watching you grow and learn as you become the sweetest little lady I could have ever imagined.  I love your curiosity and zest for life.  I love the way you run wild and free without a care in the world.  I love your sweet, soft, nurturing side that comes out when you are feeling safe.  You are truly a gift and I pray every day that God equips me to parent you in the best possible way.  Because you desire the best baby girl.  I love you!  Happy Birthday!

best week of my life

Saturday, July 18, 2015

managed to take the kiddos out to dinner one night!

strawberry ice cream yes please

like i said - whatever matthew does... georgia does too :)

the newest tradition - nightly daddy/daughter bike rides

he was in my belly a week ago!

This past week has truly been the best of my entire life.  It was also the hardest of my life.  We were only in the hospital one night with Matthew because we were so eager to get home to our little family of four.  But once we got home we settled in.  Matt was able to be home most of the week and that alone, made me cry happy tears.  Georgia loved having daddy all to herself while mommy figured out this new baby thing all over again.  Georgia learned that Matthew HATES having his diaper changed, and mommy learned that whenever Matthew needs a diaper change... so does Georgia!  Funny how that works :)  Everyone cried a lot this week - happy tears, sad tears, frustrated tears, confused and exhausted tears just to name a few but it was like a beautiful mess of a week.  I remember Matt looked at me and said, "If I could bottle up this week forever, I would."  And babe, I couldn't agree more.

On another note, mamas to toddlers + babes... any advice for the constant nursing sessions?  What does your toddler do? Mine currently screams and cries until daddy or nanny swoop in and save the day, but what will I do when I'm all alone?  It takes a village y'all.  And I am forever grateful to my village.

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