georgia the mouse

Thursday, October 30, 2014

 If you follow me on Instagram then you already know I had mistaken this adorable mouse costume below, for an elephant costume.  I then proceeded to plan our entire family costume theme around the fact that Georgia was going to be an elephant!  I went with a zoo theme.  Sevilla the giraffe (thanks home goods!), mommy the zebra and daddy the monkey!  But it turns out the Lopatka Zoo doesn't feature elephants.  No, it features the cutest mouse there ever was.  So behold... Georgia the Mouse.  More family pictures coming soon :)

convictions frame the activity of your faith

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A few Sundays ago my pastor said something that I have played over and over in my mind.  He said, "Convictions frame the activity of your faith."  And then he went on to say, "Faith requires actions." Convictions.  Activity (aka ACTIONS) and faith.  I think we can all agree that the old saying, "actions speak louder than words" rings true in almost every way of life.  I read parenting blogs and books all the time that say the best way to teach your child anything is to show them.  (Side note: becoming a parent will surely expose your weaknesses faster than you can blink and has left me calling out to Jesus at ALL hours of the day for HELP!  Because for real, I'm trying so hard to not screw it up.  Luckily G is still too young to call me out, ha and even luckier still, Jesus covers me in grace).  But if we claim to have faith and believe that Jesus is who he says he is, isn't the best way for others to know what we believe by the way we act?  I believe that words have power too, trust me.  And that we have to be bold and gracious in the words we use, but what about our actions?

There has been a fire stirring in my heart for a little while.  Something I've kept to myself for awhile too.  I needed clarity, I needed focus and I needed Jesus (and maybe a little kick in the pants!).  All of those things, all coming from above, have provided me with convictions.  Convictions about callings on my life that I have yet to answer.  Convictions that I can't ignore.  I used to have such a negative attitude toward convictions.  The word in itself scared me.  It's because I associated it with guilt.  To me, they were one in the same.  Gosh is that a lie.  They could not be farther in meaning from one another.  Convictions provide clarity and focus in a world that tells you, "anything goes."  Convictions give us freedom.  Freedom to pursue God's will for our lives un-phased by the lies around us.  

And then I got in the car.  And this song came on.  It's one of my faves.  So I unconsciously turned it up and started my jam session.  Only to be convicted again by the words of the song.  

It ought to be more like falling in love, than something to believe in
More like losing my heart, than giving my allegiance

And then I started thinking about the time I fell in love with Matt.  We were youngins' with each other as a priority.  I wanted to tell all of my friends about how wonderful he is (and still do!).  I wanted to spend all my time with him, and learn more about him and about the things that he loved.  We were only dating for less than 9 months before we got engaged.  I was just so excited.  That's why I love this song so much.  Because that's how it is supposed to be with Jesus only a million times better, because Jesus is the only true, pure love that we can know.  Shouldn't I want to tell everyone about Him?  Shouldn't I want to spend all my time with Him?  Than why don't I?

Life I suppose?  But this is where my wandering heart has been lately.  Digesting convictions, acting out my faith and singing praises for grace the whole way through.  Oh and dressing up my toddler in her elephant costume every day attempting to get a decent photo.  (She makes a reallllly cute elephant y'all.)  

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend and I pray you won't shy away from your convictions.  Meet them head on and figure out which way they are leading you.

pumpkin patching with a toddler

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

what is this thing in my hair?!
here mom, i think it belongs to you.

last weekend was participated in the yearly tradition of pumpkin patching.  we have a small pumpkin patch right near our house and took a picture last year sitting on their stoop with the tiniest baby g.  well this year, she pretty much acted like she owned the place.  she ran around fearlessly picking out over 100 pumpkins that were juuuuuuuuuuust right.  lucky for us, she let us get away with only bringing home 3 - 2 big ones and a baby one just for her.  and now i feel as if fall has officially begun!

our favorite healthy toddler smoothies

Friday, October 17, 2014

Everyday when G wakes up from her afternoon nap we make a smoothie.  She used to be afraid of the blender and the loud noise it made when it turned on, but now she loves pressing the button to start and stop it.  So smoothies are a fun thing at our house.  It's also a super easy, filling and healthy afternoon snack (sometimes we'll grab some cheddar bunnies with it!) and a great way for me to get Georgia to take her multivitamin and probiotic if she didn't take it in her morning yogurt.  So we have 2 go-to recipes.  I mix them up depending on what we have eaten early in the day and what is for dinner.  If there isn't much green on the menu for dinner, I'll go with The Green Smoothie, but if I feel she could use a bit more fruit then I'll go with Th Red Smoothie (how original are these names yall?!  I know I know... I'm so creative.  However, eventually I hope G can say these names so it's a teaching opportunity ya know?).  Oh and PS - I make enough of these smoothies to fill up one sippy cup, one big girl cup (for mama) and maybe a tiny refill for Georgia if she's extra hungry.  

Georgia's Green Smoothie
2 handfuls of organic kale
2 handfuls of organic spinach
4-5 large frozen strawberries
a spoonful of chia seeds (we get ours on amazon here)
a splash of apple juice
water to fill liquid up to 3/4 of where the solids stop

Georgia's Red Smoothie
6-8 large frozen strawberries
half a banana (or a whole, depending on taste preference)
spoonful of chia seeds
coconut or almond milk depending on what's in the fridge
fill liquid up to 3/4 of where the solids stop

**I add her multivitamin and probiotic to her sippy cup then pour smoothie over it

On another note, that picture above was Georgia right after she turned 1.  So, 2 1/2 months ago.  I mean I can't even deal.  She's already grown up so much since then.  OK life, slow down please and let me soak it in.

Have a great weekend!

a sincere letter from one sissy to another

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

dear sissy (aka sevilla lopatka),

please stop stealing my toys.  more than that, please stop taking them to your "lair," (aka under the couch).  I plead with you every single day.  I kick my feet and talk in gremlin (or toddler) to you.  i sincerely love you and would like to propose a deal.  if you stop stealing my toys and taking them under the couch, i will stop pulling your mustache/beard.... (ok fine!  i'll try my best to stop.)

love always,

your sissy, gigi lopatka

Powder Room Reveal // DIY Leopard "Wallpaper"

Thursday, October 9, 2014

ok soooooooooo matt has been out of town a lot lately (thank goodness that is OVER!) and well, when he is out of town, i tend to call on my mama for... PROJECTS!!  and a wine drinkin and laughing partner ya know?  anyway, we took on some projects.  and one of those was my powder room.  it was officially the ugliest room in my house until a week ago.  so i changed it.  but it was a process, let me tell youuuuuu.  first i fell in love with this (pricey) wallpaper.  i was hooked.  and when i get a vision, well it's kinda hard to break me of that said vision.  but hubby would be sad with the price.  so i randomly googled, "cheap Tanzania wallpaper."  luckily my walls were already khaki AND i found this amazing DIY blog that fell in love with the same wallpaper.  i decided to copy her style for the powder room!  I used this stencil and well, the rest is below!  what do yall think?

blog inspiration:  here
wallpaper inspiration:  here 
stencil:  here
mirror: lowes 
rug and towel:  target
print:  ohmydeer
flower painting:  home goods
engagement photo by: furnished photography

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