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Friday, October 3, 2014

Our Trip to Airlie Gardens....

Our trip downtown....

last weekend, G and I kissed her daddy and sent him on his way!  he reunited with college besties (i'm sure they all love the fact that i referred to them as besties, ha!) for a weekend of golf, football and some bud lights.  which was perfect really because his college besties decided to marry the sweetest girls ever and now we have become besties! funny how that works.  so while the boys played golf, the girls stayed with G and I for a girls' weekend.  on the agenda?  wine, yummy food, frolicking with the baby lady and more wine.  i love these girls so much and am so thankful that our men learned a thing or 2 about wise marriage choices :)  Wake Forest... you taught em well!

ps - isn't it obvious that G had the worst weekend ever?  i mean, she hated all the attention ;)

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Anonymous said...

awww so much fun!! i cannot believe how much G had suddenly grown!! isn't it crazy how they do that! G, you are beautiful!!!

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