matching makes my heart happy

Monday, October 6, 2014

truth be told: none of these pictures are great.  none really even good.  gigi was squirming the whole time and all she really wanted was for her daddy to hold her.  but i had to take some pics.  and they all make my heart so happy.  i mean hello?!?  do you see our matching outfits?  thank you kelly's kids for making my dreams come true, one matching paisley print at a time.  i wonder if g will let me get a matching prom dress?  #chaperoneforeverythingrighthere


Unknown said...

all of these pics are great Denise!!!! you two are so precious! fyi.....dont hold your breath on the matching prom dress... :)

Linh said...

Marli and I haven't completely matched in the same outfit (yet), but we have color coordinated and I love it. Haha I always said I wouldn't be "that mom" who'd do that to her baby, but never say never. I only have a short window for this so I am sulking it all up :)

Laura Nelson said...

these are adorable :)

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