pumpkin patching with a toddler

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

what is this thing in my hair?!
here mom, i think it belongs to you.

last weekend was participated in the yearly tradition of pumpkin patching.  we have a small pumpkin patch right near our house and took a picture last year sitting on their stoop with the tiniest baby g.  well this year, she pretty much acted like she owned the place.  she ran around fearlessly picking out over 100 pumpkins that were juuuuuuuuuuust right.  lucky for us, she let us get away with only bringing home 3 - 2 big ones and a baby one just for her.  and now i feel as if fall has officially begun!


Anonymous said...

aww i can't believe how grown up she looks!!! love those last family photos of you guys soooo much!! beautiful!

Linh said...

So adorable! We are so late in the game with this, but I am thinking of taking her this weekend before halloween. Just posted her 19 month update and gosh, they grow up so fast.

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