my fall to do list

Monday, October 21, 2013

My Fall To Do List:

Take G to her first pumpkin patch.
Carve our newly acquired pumpkins.
Make something pumpkin-y. Possibly these delicious looking things.
Get G outside every single day.  Multiple times.
Purge my closet.  Then give to someone who needs it.
Take some pretty family pictures.
Go to Charleston to see one of my best friends say “I do.”
Take G on her first vacation to Pinehurst.
Celebrate my hubby’s 30th birthday!
Add some new yoga pants to my wardrobe (after I purge of course)
Make time with Jesus a priority.
Wash my hair at least 4 times a week.  Ok fine, maybe 3 will do.
Drink more water.
Drink more wine.  Red, red wine that is.
Curl up on our screened-in porch with a blanket and a book.
Encourage more tummy time with G, even though she hates it.
Go on some dates with my handsome hubs.
Give my pup more kisses (so she doesn’t feel quite so neglected since G has come into the picture).

Be present.  Relish each moment.

What are you hoping to do this fall?



Jordan said...

Sounds perfect! I love fall to-do lists! :)

Katie Cook said...

you guys are soooo cute! love ya!

Kelly Slater said...

Love this family photo!! And what a perfect list. :o)

choose to be happy blog said...

ahhh such perfection this picture i am telling you!

Kari said...

cutest family of 3 ever!

NShea said...

Jack hates tummy time too!! I am so bad about making him do it because he gets sooo fussy!!! Such a beautiful family.

Unknown said...

Oh I love your fall to do list! I have many similar wishes :) Scarlett hated tummy time, but I found that if I put her on the couch to do it and I sat next to her, right in her face, then she didn't mind it as much.
Good luck with all of your goals :)

Ps- im catching up on your posts, lol. Been out of the loop for too long!

Unknown said...
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