dance parties are a must

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I saw this print on Pinterest and immediately thought I needed it ASAP.  At first I thought about Georgia's room... then I thought it'd be much better suited in my living room where we can see it every day.  You see, G and I have daily dance parties.  I usually have the classical radio station on from Pandora all day but when it's time to cook dinner, the classical music is thrown out the door.  G is a huge fan of Whitney Houston and Cindy Lauper, a girl after my own heart I swear.  So I strap her on in my Solly Wrap and away we go.  Because life is just too short not to dance.  
So happy Tuesday!  It's a perfect day for a dance party.

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Unknown said...

That print is fantastic! Definitely a must have!

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