auntie love

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lately my baby girl has been getting lots of love from her sweet aunties.  I'm so thankful for my friends.  And I pray a lot for G's friends.  That she will find good ones.  True ones.  Friends that lift her up and encourage her.  Friends that share her values and faith.  Friends like I have found.

But for now she is being spoiled by my friends and sisters and well, she's pretty much soakin it up!

hey aunt anna banna.  i heart you.

dont you and uncle caseyman want one of me?  c'mon....

yay my aunt anna elizabeth is getting hitched in march!

oh heyyyyyyyyyyy bff lawson

just having a quick chat before heading back to wilmington
hey aunt jen!  cant wait for more playdates with my cousins!
just discussing the details of our upcoming trip to pinehurst with aunt sarah.  they are making dinner arrangements.

sleepy and wrapped up with aunt V and my cousins
cant wait for girls' weekend when i visit my aunt mere in dallas!

lots of auntie love from mere, ashe and kris

spending a little QT with my aunt mallie before she goes back to mississippi with my pilot uncle kyle.
come on uncle brent and aunt kk.  you know i need some more cousins....
aunt emmie thanks for coming all the way to nyc to see me!  when can we hit the city?


Jessica said...

You look amazing- just glowing! And G is lucky to have such great aunties and uncles! Friends are family that you get to choose- the best!

NShea said...

You look beautiful!! And I know the feeling-it's amazing when the people we love get to spend time with the baby!!

Robin said...

So much baby sweetness in this post! It is not helping my baby fever! :)

Melissa said...

Hey pretty girl! I LOVE your blog and find you so inspirational and full of life! On top of everything, your little family is so precious!! I just participated in The Versatile Blogger award AND nominated YOU because I feel you deserve it :) Check out my blog to see the post I wrote and more details of the nomination! xoxo


Elle said...

so, so sweet! you and G are both lucky to have such lovely ladies in your lives.

Darcy said...

These pictures are so pretty! She's a lucky little girl to have so much auntie love :)

Rachel said...

I think it's an excellent thing to pray for your children to have good friends--those are a blessing in life!

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