birthday weekend here we come!

Friday, October 11, 2013

two nights before our wedding!
how is already friday?  seriously.  this week has flown by!  and last night kicked off a multiple-night celebration of my sweet hubby's 30th birthday (i truly believe more in birthmonths instead of birthdays).  so babe - i love you more today at almost 30 than i did when we got married when you were just a sweet, young 26 year-old.  you're my best friend, my support, my everything.  thank you.  thank you for not only loving me but for the way you love me.  and oh, the way you love our baby girl.  melts my heart.  i love you and can't wait to continue our celebrations this weekend!

hope y'all have a great weekend too!  xox


Becky said...

Enjoy your weekend celebrating!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

happy bday to himmm!!! it's my hubby's bday weekend, too! yay!

Nicole Shea said...

Awww happy birthday to your man!!

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