mom chop + a winner!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Yesterday I embarked upon what I now refer to as the mom chop.  I chopped off most of my hair right after becoming a mom - hence the name.  I did this three years ago right after I got married too, only then I called it the newlywed chop.  So that's fun!   I love a good haircut.  It can make any girl feel like she can conquer the world!

On another note congrats to the WINNER of the Buhbay giveaway - 
** Karen Finck Nahas **
I will be emailing you later today.

And last I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!  Hopefully you get Monday off work, and if not - well still it's the weekend!  Enjoy!

PS - HAPPY 1 MONTH BIRTHDAY TO MY BABY GIRL!  Look for a post on that next week.

Both photos taken from my Instagram.  Follow username: deniselopatka

a sweet meeting

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A few weeks ago my grandmother and grandfather, aka Gaga and Big Pop, came down from Virginia to meet Georgia.  They are her only living grandparents and were absolute itching to get their hands on her.  As I wrote here, she is named after my dad and my husband's dad, but she is also named after my grandfather as he is George too.  These pictures say it all.  Such a sweet memory.

georgia's newborn photo sesh

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Holy cow my baby is 4 weeks old today.  Makes me happy/sad and all emotional.  Her 1 month birthday is Friday!  AH!  However, when Georgia Grace was one week old, sweet Teeny Harris came over and captured my little bundle perfectly.  Teeny was so sweet and holy cow, so patient!  Miss Priss was a bit of a fussy butt and I was so thankful that Teeny was easy-going and understanding.  If you are in Wilmington and looking for a great photographer - you must contact The Coral Peacock Photography ASAP!

And now for some faves from our little shoot.

buhbay giveaway!

Monday, August 26, 2013


To tickle your fancy this Monday morning I am starting the week off with a giveaway!  YAY!  Remember my adorable "Georgia Print" that I posted about here?  Well, today Amanda from Buhbay has offered to give one reader the print of their choice!  So hurry hurry people!  The giveaway will run all week, so come back each day and tweet for more entries.  

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Friday, August 23, 2013

So I have a hair appointment next week.  I’m so excited.  There is something about going to the salon that makes a girl giddy inside, don’t ya think?  The only problem is, although I do feel giddy, I also ALWAYS get anxiety before I get my hair done.  The reason?  I’m so indecisive!  And boring.  Definitely boring.  My hair has been pretty long for the past almost three years.  It’s so easy and honestly, I need low-maintenance.  I dry my hair maybe once a week and I need to be able to pull it back.  BUT, lately I’ve been thinking about a little post-baby chop.  Something to give me a new look.  I mean it is only hair right?  It grows back!  I did the shoulder chop about a month after we got married (which was three years ago – again I’m so boring), and now I’m thinking about it again.  Here are my inspiration photos, all found on my Pinterest board HERE

What do yall think?!?

When her heart breaks, mine breaks ten-fold

Thursday, August 22, 2013

a favorite from G's newborn session.  c/o The Coral Peacock Photography

My daughter is 3 weeks and 3 days old today.  These past weeks have been the best.  Ever.  They’ve also been the hardest and most tiring.  But still, the best.  Since bringing her home G has been dealing with some serious reflux though.  She’s been exercising her lungs a whole lot and feeding is not always easy.  We’ve had good days and days that are harder than others.  But the hardest part of it all is seeing her little lip quiver and knowing that she is in pain, and there’s nothing mommy can do about it.  I swear I think I’ve cried more tears than she has.  It just breaks my heart.  No.  Breaks my soul.  To see my baby going through something I cannot fix.  I love when she cries because of a dirty diaper or she’s hungry.  Mommy can fix both of those and make her a happy baby.  But reflux?  You suck.  Mommy can only do so much to fix you. 

Now this whole reflux situation is one thing.  It usually subsides after a little while and we are working on making it better.  But y’all, what am I gonna do later in life?  I mean, if she skins her knee falling off her bike?  Or the way worse emotional pains… a bully at school?  Her first heart break?  I’m not sure my heart can take it. 

So Lord, prepare my heart.  Because I’m just not sure mama can take baby girl in any kind of pain.  Ever.  So boys, beware.  I could turn from sweet mama to crazy mama real fast J

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Today I am so very excited to share with you one of my FAVORITE Etsy Shops - Buhbay.  It has the cutest prints for your home or office, including some adorable selections for a little one's nursery (hello baby shower gift?).  Amanda also works with you to to make sure that each print consists of the color scheme of your choice.  I recently ordered this print and I'm kind of obsessed.  I originally had planned on putting it in G's nursery but it has recently made it's way to our living room bookshelves and I kinda love it there.  It's on a baby-theme shelf so it makes sense right?  Now I guess I need to order another print and really put it in G's nursery!

I'm also slightly obsessed with this print for my kitchen and this print for my bathroom as a good reminder.  And if I know you in real-life, you can probably expect one of these adorable prints for Christmas!

Want some more great news?  All Gratefully Inspired readers receive 15% off your entire purchase with the promo code 

So go get to shoppin'!  Oh, and I you may want to come back next week and enter to win the print of your choice!

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