My Morning Beauty Routine (when staying in!)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yesterday I shared my morning beauty routine for when I have to be seen in public.  When I don't have to be seen (and sometimes even when I do), I leave the make-up alone and really try and nourish my skin a bit more.  So here is my morning beauty routine for when I'm staying close to home!
**Side note - all of these products can be used under make-up and when I do leave the house, but when I have errands to run I'm usually a chicken with my head cut-off and simply forget!  So I find that it's better if I just try to use them when I can remember at home :) **

1. Every Day Cream Cleanser - I wash with this gentle cleanser every day.  I love it because it's not harsh at all and in the morning you really don't need much when it comes to a cleanser!  Purchase HERE.

2. Countertime Enlightening Treatment Pads - Y'all, I fell in love with these pads.  They leave my skin feeling fresh, clean and I truly believe they have brightened it up a bit too!  I found that you really don't need a full pad, so I cut all my pads in half and swipe a half of a pad over my face and neck.  Purchase HERE

3. Radiance Firming Complex - I use this when I'm at home as my antioxidant serum - only it's a bit creamier which I love.  It helps with evening out skin tone and brightening my complexion (which I desperately need because of my former sun exposure!).  Purchase HERE.

4. Vibrant Eye Perfector - This eye cream helps my crows feet like whoa so I dab this on the in morning most days and refresh mid day with this stuff.  Purchase HERE.

5. Lustro Face Oil 3 - I love this stuff.  Some of my friends use this under their makeup but I haven't quite figured how to do that without looking like an oil face.  So I use it every night before bed and every morning when I'm hanging close to the house.  This one is particularly good for people with acne prone skin and/or oily skin.  If you have sensitive skin I recommend this one, and for mature skin I recommend this one.  Purchase HERE.

6. Lip Conditioner - This stuff just feels so good on my lips and leaves them feeling so smooth and soft and luscious (in my opinion!).  Purchase HERE.

7. Rosewater Uplifting Spray - I use this every morning, night and during the day whether I'm at home, out and about or somewhere in between.  I love it.  Purchase HERE.

** Next week, I'll be sharing my nightly routine and Georgia's beauty favorites! **


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My Morning Beauty Routine (when leaving the house!)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Since becoming a mom, my beauty routine hasn't changed THAT much.  I am, however, much more aware of what I put on my skin (and in my body for that matter!), but I feel like I have found some pretty tried and true products that have staying power.  When it comes to my morning beauty routine, well there are really two ways I tend to go, and that all depends on my plans for the day.  Truth be told, Georgia and I don't leave the house every day.  Scratch that - we ALWAYS leave the house, but sometimes it is just for walks down to the water or to play in our backyard.  We don't always go out in public though that's for sure.  So when I do, I tend to add a little make-up to the mix (my dark circles might scare strangers!).  But when our plans include staying in our cozy neighborhood or maybe venturing out to my mama's house, well then I choose to leave the make-up alone and try to nourish my skin a bit more.  So today I'll be sharing my "get out of the house" routine!  Hope you like it!

** Also - side note - I always shower during G's 1st nap, but don't always wash my hair (I put it in a top knot and try not to get it too wet in the shower).  But when I do wash my hair (usually every other day), I'm addicted to this Shampoo and this Conditioner.  I choose this delicious stuff for Body Wash and moisturize myself after the shower with this good stuff and, in the summer I mix in some of this.  I always let my hair air-dry unless I have a hot date later (even though the hubs actually prefers air-dried tresses!).  Every few days I'll run some of this through my hair too.

And now for my morning beauty musts!

Morning Routine

1. Kids Counter Sunscreen - This stuff is amazing.  I use it on Georgia every time she goes outside and have recently started using it as my everyday sunscreen as well.  It's super light and doesn't leave my skin greasy like other sunscreens do.  It also doesn't make me break out which is amazing because plenty of others tend to do so.  This is a must in my morning routine because my BB cream doesn't have an SPF and well, I love my BB cream.  So luckily these two can go hand in hand.  I have tried a lot of stuff out there, and this stuff is at the top.  Purchase HERE.

2.  Anytime Eye Cream - I dab this all around my eyes every morning for moisture before I put on concealer.  I also have one in my purse that I use mid day if my make-up starts creasing or my eyes begin to look tired.  This eye cream is the softest and best all-purpose one I can find.  It does't flake away either when you add concealer over it.  Purchase HERE.

3.  Amazing Cosmetics Concealer - I have tried a lot of concealers.  And this one seems to cover my dark circles the best.  It's not thick and does't get all cakey.  I've been using it for almost 2 years and don't plan on switching anytime soon!  It also lasts for almost a year!  Purchase HERE.

4.  Marcelle BB Cream - I discovered this stuff through Sarah and am so glad I did!  It gives a nice tint and provides the perfect amount of coverage for me (I don't like heavy stuff).  I love it!  Purchase HERE.

5.  Benefit, They're Real, Mascara - I saw all of those commercials on E! for this stuff so I was dying to try it.  And well, I really love it!  It doesn't clump which is huge for me, and comes off easily at night with a little bit of coconut oil.  And the tube lasts forever!  I'm a fan.  Purchase HERE.

6.  RMS Lip2Cheek - I use this cheek and lip stain almost every day - even when I stay in, I'll dab some on before Matt gets home.  I have it in Demure and I feel it goes with everything.  I mainly use it on my cheeks but occasionally will use it on my lips too.  Purchase HERE.

7.  Juice Beauty Powder - I tend to have oily skin and prefer a matte finish.  So, sometimes I will dab a bit of this powder over my face or at least my T-Zone before heading out the door.  This isn't a must for me and sometimes I skip it.  But it's nice to have.  Purchase HERE.

8.  Rosewater Uplifting Spray - I spray this on my face every single day, multiple times a day - right before I walk out the door, mid-day when I need a pick-me-up and right before getting in bed.  It smells amazing, helps to set your make-up if needed and moisturizes your skin.  Die hard fan right here.  Purchase HERE.

9. Lip Sheer - I have never been a fan of lipsticks, but as I've gotten older I've noticed that a little lip color can go a LONG way.  I love the Beauty Counter Lip Sheers.  My two favorite colors are Twig and Rose.  Purchase HERE.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing how I try to nourish my skin a little more while staying home!

Easter Sunday 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014

free printable found HERE

Easter Sunday was the best this year.  Matt and I went to church Saturday night, which was great so G could get her morning nap before Easter brunch.  On Sunday, we headed to brunch with my family around 11, came home for a family nap then headed back out for dinner at Matt's parents house.  All in all it was great.  Lots of food, family and celebrating the reason we celebrate.  So thankful for that truth.  He is Risen!  We are freely forgiven.

And now some pictures from Easter Brunch..

my sissy and i
the lighting is terrible in this picture.  and i have no idea how to edit it to make it better.  but the joy in this picture cannot be tamed.  i love those 2.  these are my people.

PS - Would love to send y'all over to one of my new favorite reads -
Here's a little note from sweet Elizabeth!

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014 was such a special day  Matt and I chose to dedicate Georgia at the church where we grew up and were also married.  We are Baptist, so our ceremony is a dedication as oppossed to a christening or baptistm.  We were so blessed by the family and friends who came and supported us.  After church, we headed over to one of our favorite spots downtown, Jester's, where Georgia proceeded to get naked.  She lovessssss to be naked.  So, off with the gown it was!  And everyone enjoyed the delicious food by Jester's and then it was time for cake.  

her cake was not only GORGEOUS but also DELICIOUS (strawberry filling?!? yes please!)!  Thank you Heather Sutton!

my sweet parentals

so much fun so she passed out on her nanny mid bottle :)
For favors we gave out cross cookies with G's monogram on them. The cookies were made by Marcia Foushee and were delicious!  We also used these labels from Tiny Prints to stick on each package.
The labels matched her invitations below too!

labels found here
invitations found here

** If you are in Wilmington and would like contact information for either Heather Sutton (cake) or Marcia Foushee (cookies), please email be at denise.lopatka(at)  I cannot speak highly enough of either!  Their products were wonderful, affordable and my guests are STILL talking about how delicious they both were.  **

** Thank you Tiny Prints for the gorgeous invitations and labels.  I also cannot say enough good things about Tiny Prints.  They are truly my go-to source for anything paper related and can make any event more special and unique. **

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