Georgia turns 8 months!

Friday, April 4, 2014

 Holy Cow my baby girl is 8 months (last Sunday).  And every day gets better and better.  
A little about the tiny lady below...

Weight: G is weighing about 18 pounds!  She has actually lost a little bit of weight which her mama does NOT like!  Any tips and suggestions from other mamas would be great!  It is like pulling teeth to get her to slow down and take a bottle.  And because of that, she is waking up 2,3 and even 4 times a night to eat - but again, she only eats a little bit before getting distracted or falling asleep.  HELP!

Health: We battled a stuffy nose this month but happy to report we are free and clear!

Sleep: Yea so if you read the Weight Section then you know - we still don't sleep at our house.  Like not at all.  Again - suggestions are appreciated.  Any any other mamas - is sleep in my future ever again?

Social: G has met lots of friends this month!  She traveled to NYC and met up with some of mommy’s friends from college and daddy’s friend from college and his sweet wifey.  She made tons of friends on the plane (thank goodness because as we boarded they gave her the death stare!).  Luckily she was a perfect lady on the plane so everyone was very complimentary afterwards (a flight post coming soon!).  Now if you ask our neighbors in the hotel in NYC, they might have a different story (if you follow me on Instagram you already know that sleep really wasn’t her thing in NYC). 

Diet: We have started finger foods and introduced a sippy cup!  So fun.  She still struggles with both (we started a week ago!), but every afternoon we have a “snack” where we practice eating Puffs or peas and drinking water out of our sippy cup.  Her favorite foods are still avocados and pears, but she’s recently taking a liking to her turnip, tomato and potato mixture.  We are trying chicken this week so we will see!  Other than that, she is going strong on formula and breast milk!

Clothes: G can wear anything from 6 months to 12 months depending on the brand.  I cannot wait for her to hop into her spring bubbles and smocked dresses.  Ohhhh warm weather, please get here and stay.

Baby Gear Love: I love my baby food maker!  I know it’s such an indulgence and really not necessary but it does make baby food making so easy!  We also love anything musical.  Her Easter basket is full of shakers and tambourines found at Target and Learning Express.

Crying: Same ole same ole in this category.  She’s gets fussy when she’s way over tired, hungry or bored.  Other than that we are a giggly baby!

Likes: Oh Sevilla what would we do with you?  Georgia loves that dog more than I could have ever imagined.  We play catch with Sevilla every day twice a day for usually 30 minutes each.  Georgia squeals of delight as Sevilla races back to bring us the toy.  So cute.  She also loves with the tickle monster comes out at night time.  She still loves her bath, walks to the water with her family and anything that makes “music.”  (I put “music” in quotation marks because really anything that makes noise or that she can bang around suits her just fine).

Dislikes: Teething is harrrrrrrrrrrrd ya’ll.  Like really hard.  And sometimes staying awake until her bedtime is hard because the little lady plays so hard and get so sleepy!

Postpartum:  Feeling good, especially when I get sleep! 

Milestones: Her first flights!  Yay!  She has also started crawling!  I don’t know whether to be excited or scared ha.  She still lunges forward some and loses her balance, but this past week she started really putting one knee in front of the other to make headway.  The only way to get her to crawl is to hold something far away that she wants… aka her sissy.  Wherever her sissy is, that is where Georgia wants to be.  Like I said earlier, she is also eating finger foods and trying out a sippy cup.  She is trying to pull up now but is still a little wobbly.  Oh my word baby girl, slow down.


Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

I love the bow! Too cute.

At around 8 or 9 months, I finally had had it with no sleep. I seriously couldn't take it anymore. I think deep down I knew I had been making excuses for him when really I was just putting off sleep training. I wasn't ready for it! But honestly it took less than a week and he was sleeping through the night. Henry was ready for it and I know every baby is different.

You are so much more patient than I am. I needed my sleep!

Owen Ross Davis said...

She is absolutely precious! That smile and those teeth <3 Praying for y'alls sleep. That is what I am most worried about for when I have kids in the FUTURE... I am a 9-hour-a-night kinda girl [yikes!]. Xoxo

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

She is so tiny and precious!

Unknown said...

Georgia is growing so fast! I can't believe she is already 8 months old! And look at all those teeth! You and Matt are doing a great job with her!

Linh said...

Goodness! She has a whole set of teeth already! :) So cute! Such is probably experiencing a growth spurt with all the night wakings and wanting to eat eat will pass. It could also be because she is learning new tasks so it sometimes carries over to her sleep since babies can't exactly turned the "off" switch on when they go to bed.
I wouldn't worry too much about her losing a little bit of weight since she was getting over a little cold and she's more mobile now. Just continue to give her snacks throughout the day. Marli is on the bottle so i would offer it to her often throughout the day during her "play breaks" so I'd know she was still eating.
Hang in there mama! Yes, you will eventually get some sleep but not for a while longer. Before you know it, she will be standing, then walking and probably teething some that means a lot of waking up during nights. Have your hubby pitch in and help every other night. It really does helps, especially if you have to get up 2-4 times! Sorry this was a novel.

nicole said...

i cannot get over all her teeth!!!! she looks so grown up! jake took a bit to crawl, he did the worm for a couple months until finally getting the crawl down around 10 months.

watch out! those kiddos are fast!

jessica said...

My guy is only 5 months and we are experiencing the SAME eating issues. Although, I think it has something to do with wonder weeks (which is related to sleep regressions). I don't even want to imagine what it will be like once he is mobile! She is so cute! And holy smokes teeth!!!

Anonymous said...

I just want to eat her up!! I have no advice in the eat/sleep department because Emma was never good at sleeping (she ate all day and night), and Audrey seems to be JUST like Georgia!

Unknown said...

She's so so beautiful and growing so fast!! That's wonderful that she takes formula and breastmilk so well! We were on the same thing, and it really was so nice to have that as an option. Oooh and I may hop over to learning express and grab some musical toys :)

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