My Morning Beauty Routine (when staying in!)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yesterday I shared my morning beauty routine for when I have to be seen in public.  When I don't have to be seen (and sometimes even when I do), I leave the make-up alone and really try and nourish my skin a bit more.  So here is my morning beauty routine for when I'm staying close to home!
**Side note - all of these products can be used under make-up and when I do leave the house, but when I have errands to run I'm usually a chicken with my head cut-off and simply forget!  So I find that it's better if I just try to use them when I can remember at home :) **

1. Every Day Cream Cleanser - I wash with this gentle cleanser every day.  I love it because it's not harsh at all and in the morning you really don't need much when it comes to a cleanser!  Purchase HERE.

2. Countertime Enlightening Treatment Pads - Y'all, I fell in love with these pads.  They leave my skin feeling fresh, clean and I truly believe they have brightened it up a bit too!  I found that you really don't need a full pad, so I cut all my pads in half and swipe a half of a pad over my face and neck.  Purchase HERE

3. Radiance Firming Complex - I use this when I'm at home as my antioxidant serum - only it's a bit creamier which I love.  It helps with evening out skin tone and brightening my complexion (which I desperately need because of my former sun exposure!).  Purchase HERE.

4. Vibrant Eye Perfector - This eye cream helps my crows feet like whoa so I dab this on the in morning most days and refresh mid day with this stuff.  Purchase HERE.

5. Lustro Face Oil 3 - I love this stuff.  Some of my friends use this under their makeup but I haven't quite figured how to do that without looking like an oil face.  So I use it every night before bed and every morning when I'm hanging close to the house.  This one is particularly good for people with acne prone skin and/or oily skin.  If you have sensitive skin I recommend this one, and for mature skin I recommend this one.  Purchase HERE.

6. Lip Conditioner - This stuff just feels so good on my lips and leaves them feeling so smooth and soft and luscious (in my opinion!).  Purchase HERE.

7. Rosewater Uplifting Spray - I use this every morning, night and during the day whether I'm at home, out and about or somewhere in between.  I love it.  Purchase HERE.

** Next week, I'll be sharing my nightly routine and Georgia's beauty favorites! **


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Cat said...

I just started using some of the Beauty Counter products. I love what the company stands for!!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

That uplifting spray looks wonderful!

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