oh hey i still blog

Friday, October 18, 2013

hey sweet friends.  don't worry, i still blog.  it's just this week was a weeeeeeee bit crazy.  i was out of town monday, we introduced a new sleeping method to G (she used to sleep on an incline until this week) and i'm making some big life changes over here - details soon!  so between the unpacking, laundry, lack of sleep thanks to G's sleeping adjustment and tying up lose ends - i've let the week get away from me!  so here are some snaps of what i've been up to this week.  blog posts next week i prooooomise :)


hanging with aunt sarah while my daddy and uncles watch football

sissy love

watching this babe sleep.  obviously.

best friend sheena had her baby boy mason! yayyyyyyyyy
can you find my pup?


Becky said...

can't wait to hear about the big life changes! I think G just gets cuter every day!!

Whitney Cypert said...

The pups and the babies are precious! Can't wait to read about these life changes! I need to do some of those myself!

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