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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Every year as the temperatures drop, my skin has a little bit of a freak out.  I usually have oilier skin but during the colder months I definitely have to moisturize a little extra so my skin doesn't dry out!  That leads me to my skin savers.  Each one of these is in my bathroom and gets plenty use throughout the winter (and some year around!).  The best thing about these effective products?  They are filled with SAFE ingredients – none of those crazy chemicals you can't pronounce.  And that's important to me.  I want Georgia to be able to rummage through mommy's products one day and not worry about the things going onto her skin.  So here are my winter skin savers:

For my body…

Hydrate, Everyday Body Lotion:  I use this stuff morning and night, winter and summer.  It’s just good stuff.  And it’s safe.  Win win.

Lustro Body Oil:  I’m big into oils if ya can’t tell and this stuff is on the top of my list.  You only need a tiny bit and truthfully I use this summer and winter as well.  It gives a nice shine to your legs when you’re in shorts but really nourishes your skin when it needs a little TLC from the sun or the winter cold.  The Rosemary + Citrus Scent is my personal favorite but the Jasmine is also quite dreamy.

Glow Sugar Scrub:  The importance of exfoliating has become so apparent to me in the past few years.  I used to have this negative attitude towards it and didn’t see a point, but once I started actually using a good exfoliator, I saw changes in my skin from head to toe.  This scrub feels and smells divine and helps to scrub away any dead skin or flakiness that comes with the harshness of the weather.  I use it once a week when I take a bath.  I usually soak for a while (it’s also my “me” time) and right before I get out I will rub the scrub all over and gently splash the water to wash it off.  I then follow with the Body Lotion and Body Oil above and my skin couldn’t feel better.

For my face…

Lustro Oil # 3: I love this stuff ya’ll.  I put it on over my night cream as my last step every night (unless I do a spritz or 2 of Rosewater Spray!)  Sometimes I’ll even pat a tiny amount on my cheeks in the AM for a rosy glow under my blush.  #3 is recommended for oily/acne prone skin, but if you want something that targets mature/aging skin Lustro Oil#2 is for you and if you have sensitive skin then Oil #1 is your gal!

Gentle Exfoliator:  Because my skin is a bit drier in the colder months it is even more important that I exfoliate to keep it from looking dull.  I love this exfoliator because it isn't harsh or irritating.  I keep it in my shower and use it 2-3 times a week.

Countertime Cleansing Balm:  This is the most luxurious feelingstuff I own.  I feel like a famous person when I put it on.  I mean, I’m sure Duchess Kate rubs something this fancy all over her face every night right?  Well she should!  Because it is ah-mazing.  I use it in place of my regular cleanser twice a week to give my skin a bit more love.  And once a week after I wash with my regular cleanser, I’ll pat this stuff all over my face and sleep on it.  When I wake up, it's like my skin has a dewy glow.  Even Matt notices!  And he loves the smell.  This stuff is the bee's knees when it comes to anti-aging and moisturizing.  And the best part is that it doesn't clog pores which is a must for little ole me who still gets breakouts every now and then!

Do ya’ll have any beauty favorites for the fall/winter months?

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