when all you can do is pray

Monday, July 28, 2014

last week one of my best friend's sweet baby boy had a super high fever and was just not feeling well.  they frequented the doctor's office (and even emergency room!) that week and endured long nights of pushing fluids and holding their angel.  my heart achingly broke for her (and her hubs).  luckily that sweet one is a tough one and is feeling much better.  but whew!  that was a long week even for me, miles away, worrying and praying for that babe so i truly cannot imagine that of his parents.  

having a sick baby is the worst.  as a mom you would give your right arm to be able to take all of the sickness out of their innocent little bodies and put it into your own.  but you can't.  you just can't.  and while the doctors will send you home with some good advice, and an antibiotic at times, it doesn't take the worry away.  at all.  G has had a runny nose since she starting breaking in her top back molars (her last two might i add!) so while i was worried about our baby friend, all week i was constantly saying to my husband, "oh gosh, i hope G's runny nose doesn't turn in to a nasty virus too!"  and all week, said amazing husband would reassure me and comfort me.  

because sometimes you worry and fret about things you simply can't control.  whether you are a mom or not, this is real life.  and sometimes all you have is prayer.  and thankfully that is all we need.  sometimes i feel anxious if "all i can do is pray."  i feel helpless but gosh is that a lie.  prayer is a powerful thing y'all.  but we are fixers, us humans, and when we can't fix what is broken or sick or hurt, we get frustrated.  luckily we can pray to The One that can fix it.  he can fix it all.  heal it all.  mend it all.  so all of this ramblings was to say that man, i'm glad we have prayer.  i'm glad i am free to pray to a god who loves me and my child and "works all things for the good of those who love him" (romans 8:28).  i'm glad he eases my worries and strengthens my trust with prayer.  god is so good.  

and did i mention by baby turn 1 this week?!?!?!  cue the happy/sad tears.... all week.  speaking of prayer, please pray for matt because i am sure to be an emotional basket-case this week :)

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Anonymous said...

it is soooooo hard to not have any control when your baby is sick or hurting! it is the worst and yes i would totally rather take it on myself!! i can't imagine how worried your friends were and how tired they were after their whole week! glad their babe is better, hellelijah!!

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