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Thursday, July 17, 2014

test driving a beautiful Chevrolet Equinox courtesy of Jeff Gordon Chevy  (more to come on that amazing car next week!)  //  mesmerized at Kindermusik  //  soaking up some sun in our mismatched bathing suits #twins  //  
trying on some piggy tails at nanny's!

life lately has been FUN!  so fun.  we have been soaking up the sun, singing some songs, jammin out and just enjoying every drop of this summer before it passes us by.  when i went to making things happen last march, one of my big goals was to be intentional about how i spend every day.  i wanted to limit social media more, and really be present with baby G.  while i will forever be a work in progress, i have loved my first summer as a mom.  seeing everything through her innocent and wondrous eyes - it's magical y'all.  and i've got some exciting things coming up in the next few weeks that i cannot wait to share with you all!  

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