11 months! Holy Cow!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy 11 months Georgia Grace (well 11 months and 2 days)!  We love you so much and mama has officially turned to mush.  I plan to stay that way throughout the month of July and savor every last second of your first year.  Kisses!

**side note: pictures are becoming increasingly more difficult to take.  she no longer sits still (ha!) and bow-wearing has also become a thing of the past.  unless i can momentarily rig one up pebbles style to where she doesn't notice for a few short moments....

Weight: I have no idea.  If I had to guess maybe still between 20-21 pounds?  We will find out in a month!

Health: She’s still a healthy lady praise the Lord.

Sleep: We have successfully (I think?) pushed her bedtime back to 8pm!  Wahoo!  Matt loves the extra time with her after work and lately she has been sleeping until 6 (it’s amazing how that actually sounds LATE to me).  We are hoping one of these days she will sleep until 7?!  Hey hey!  Then we’d really be in business.  Until then, we’ll take 8-6.  She still naps great but I am getting a little worried about when to switch her from 2 naps to 1 nap.  She is doing so well with 2 so I know she isn’t quite ready.  Is one year the magic number?  Or did some of yall wait a little longer?

Social: This month she traveled to Atlantic Beach to be with her best bud Lawson.  She’s also had some lunch dates and pool dates with cousins and friends.  This next month she has Kindermusik every single week so I know she will enjoy that! 

Diet: She’s still doing great on formula and 3 meals a day.  We have upped her finger foods, especially lately because she has a new “trick.”  She has started spitting out her pureed food!  It has been going on for a little less than a week.  Matt and I try hard not to laugh and we take her down from her high chair and redirect her.  Then we try again in 15 minutes.  Any suggestions mamas?  She loves finger foods so I am thinking maybe she is just over being fed?  But we still have to feed her some!  She can’t pick up everything!  Also – mamas – any suggestions for easy meals for babies just learning with finger foods!

one of my all time favorite pictures.  this is her face and her reaction when she gets overwhelmingly excited...

Clothes: Still in 9-12 months!

Baby Gear Love: My mother-in-law gave her some pretty awesome bath toys that she takes the to the beach, pool and of course to her bath.  She’s more and more into books these days and will now sit and “read” them silently to herself. Ha!

Crying: She’s a pretty happy baby unless she’s tired, bored or hungry!

Likes: Sissy is still a crowd favorite, as is peek-a-boo.  She also loves the refrigerator.  I have magnets with Instagram pictures all over it and she smiles, laughs and talks to them all the time.    

Dislikes: Still hates the vacuum cleaner.  Other than that, she’s alright.

Postpartum:  Still feeling good, still need to start exercising!

Milestones: Still a speed crawler and still pulls-up on everything.  She is letting go more and more and getting better at balancing every single day.  She loves saying “dada” and “mama” and has started trying to say “sissy” (code name for SevillaJ).  


Owen Ross Davis said...

holy cow I am obsessed with her! so presh!!! Xoxxo

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

Daycare switched Henry from 2 naps to 1 and I am really not a fan. We still do 2 naps on the weekends because he is SO TIRED. I say if she is still taking 2 naps, stick with 2. I think eventually she will drop one on her own. Or one of the naps will shorten so much, it will be easy to cut it out.

I'm still working on expanding Henry's finger foods because we have basically stopped giving him baby food. We do black beans, peas, sauteed sweet potato (cut into small sticks), bananas, blueberries (cut in half), whole wheat bread cut into small pieces. Those are the faves. Cheerios are also a staple.

She is so cute!! I love the thigh rolls on babies!

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