Friday, July 18, 2014

Happy Friday!  I'm excited that the lovely ladies of Gyspy Girl are here for a little Q & A Sesh!  Y'all probably remember them from this post when I fell in love with their online shop.  Y'all check them out and remember to use the code GRATEFUL at checkout for 20% off your order!

Names: Melissa & Brooks (Owners)

M: Jacksonville, NC          
B: Chinquapin, NC

Current Town:
M: Jacksonville, NC
B: Wallace, NC

3 words that your family would use to describe you:
M: smart, independent, headstrong
B: fearless, strong-willed, giving

Your style in a few words: 
M: Simple and comfortable. I love pieces that can be changed with the addition of accessories, like jewelry or a scarf.
B: Versatile. I’m a style chameleon! I can go dressy for church, casually chic and bohemian on the weekends. I really love dressing for every occasion.

How did Gypsy Girl come to life?
M: Brooks and I are your typical “9 to 5” gals (though, who works those hours anymore? haha) working for the federal government. We are really grateful for our jobs, but the down side is we spend a lot of time behind a computer and processing lots of paperwork. We both have formal educations in Business Management and always wanted to start a business together, but we needed to find something that we could do while still maintaining our “day jobs.”
B: We spent our lunch breaks perusing shops and boutiques online, looking for great deals on the latest trends. More often than not though, the shopping interface was cumbersome and not as user friendly as it could be. And that’s when we thought, “we can do this!” An e-business was the perfect fit for us, because it enables us to have no overhead (a tremendous bonus for our customers, because we can literally pass the savings on to them).
M: We launched in November 2013.

Where is the name from?
B: I really loved the quote about the Gypsy Spirit which is this:  Someone who possesses a gypsy spirit is a person always in need of change and/or adventure. A gypsy spirit seeks the next best thing in any life situation. They can be very passionate and often inspired by different ideas, attitudes and experiences. Their sense of identity isn’t always sure of what they want out of life, but they are determined to find it.  So we wanted to incorporate the “gypsy” into our boutique name because it reminds us to always be open to what life throws at you.
M: Yes, expect the unexpected! And of course it just naturally rolls off the tongue, too! LOL

Your favorite piece on the site right now:
M: Curvy Peach Tank. It’s so cute with jeans or shorts, too!
B: Peacock dress. I love how you can wear just about any color cardigan to change up the look. It’s a very flattering dress, too.

What inspires you and fires you up?
M: I get inspired by people who take chances.
B: Jesus.

A day in the life:
M: Wake up at 6:30 am, get kids ready for day care/preschool and at work by 8. After work, it’s playtime with my toddlers, dinner, bath, movie time snuggles, and bed. I stay up way too late because the time I have between kids going to sleep and me going to sleep is sacred! It’s really the only time I have to spend on my own and with my hubby.
B: Alarm goes off at 4 am. Get ready for work. I have to stop by Starbucks. Every. Single. Day. I’m at work by 6 am. After my day job, I’m off to fulfill my “pastor’s wife duties,” in some way or another. We usually have a church activity, event, or meeting every night of the week. I’m usually in my pj’s by 11 pm each night.

When you aren’t filling orders and posting fabulous clothes on the Gypsy Girl Website what are you doing?
M:This is going to sound sad, but in my free time, I do things like steam mop the floors, shampoo the carpets in the house, and do laundry! I don’t really mind it though, because I feel so. much. better. when I have a clean house.  I like tending to my flower garden, too.
B: In my free time (ha!), I love to go fishing & kayaking. And of course, loving on my sweet babies, Jalen (a yellow lab) and Healer (a chocolate lab).

Favorite verse or quote:
M: Behind every successful woman is herself.
B: 2 Corinthians 5:21 “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.”

What is one goal for Gypsy Girl?
M: Have fun.
B: To make people feel beautiful! And to encourage people to go outside their style comfort zone, try new things and discover their gypsy spirit.

In ten years you will be:
M: Taking a break! My kiddos will be 13 and 12, so hopefully I’ll be able to watch a movie from start to finish or maybe even blow dry my hair all the way through!
B: Preaching.

If you could pack your bags tonight and travel anywhere tomorrow where would you go?
M: I’m a Disney geek, so DISNEY WORLD!
B: Jamaica.

How can you not love these two sweet souls?!?!?!  Now that you know the heart of this shop, y'all go have fun and shop!  And remember to use the code GRATEFUL at checkout for 20% off!!

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