happy two months georgia grace!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I cannot believe my baby girl celebrated her 2 month birthday already!  Monday, September 30th marked two months since she came in to this world.  Time has truly flown by.  I am so thankful for this sweet gift from above.  Baby girl, we love you more and more every day!  

Now a little about my growing baby lady...

Weight: G is currently in the 72% percentile! Yay!  She weighs 12 pounds even and is 23 1/4 inches long.  So happy she is steadily gaining weight!

Health: Feeling so blessed to be able to say we have a happy and healthy baby girl.

Sleep: G has been pretty consistent with her sleep patterns thankfully.  Her bed time is 9:30 every night and she sleeps until 5-530.  Then she wake to eat and will usually fall back asleep until anywhere form 630-830.  I still get up most nights once around 2-3 to pump, but some nights I roll back over and keep on a snoozing... She is still sleeping in her rock and play, on an incline.  I know I need to transition her pretty soon to her flat basinet but I’m nervous.  Although the other day for G’s morning nap I was swaddling her on my bed, getting ready to put her in her rock and play (which gets moved to Matt’s closet during the day because it’s dark – do what ya gotta do people!), and she just passed out on my bed.  Swaddled, cozy and lying flat!  So I let her sleep.  We are going to start letting her nap flat for the next two weeks.  Then, once we get back from Matt’s 30th birthday vacay we are going to make the transition at night time.  Wish us luck!

Social: G has experienced lots of social gatherings in the past month.  She met some more of her aunties, had a few cookouts, went shopping with mom and went to her first bridal shower!  She’s been busy!  This next month will be no different!  First up, her first vacay for her daddy’s 30th birthday!

Diet: She is doing great with breastfeeding as of late.  So thankful for that.  I wrote more about that journey here.

Clothes: She’s definitely in her 3 month outfits!  Some are still a little big but they fit way better than her newborn stuff now so we go with it.  I’m pretty sure the first year of this girls’ life is going to be “summertime” because all of her clothes are bright dresses and shorts.  But I’m OK with that.   

Baby Gear Love: Thank goodness for my Medala Breast Pump!  G had nipple confusion some a few weeks ago and it has been a slow process of getting her to easily go back and forth.  Seems once she got the same milk from a bottle she realized she wouldn’t have to work as hard and became a bit lazy – literally kicking and screaming at time when she was on the boob.  Luckily that has calmed down, but when it was bad I was pumping all the time.  Like all the time.  And with the traveling I’ve done this month I couldn’t have gotten by without this pump.  And I have gotten great at pumping in the car! 

Crying: She really is a happy baby, finally!  She still has reflux but now she is a “happy spitter” so they say.  Thank you so much for all of the encouraging emails, messages and advice!  I have taken all of them!

Likes: She still loves to be held and cozy and her favorite nap spot is on her mommy or daddy’s chest.  She also loves this pink blanket she received a few weeks ago.  It’s the softest thing in the world and as soon as it touches her skin she gives me this huge, contagious smile.  It’s the best really.  That kids smile. 

Dislikes: HATES a dirty diaper.  Hates.  Like screams so hard she makes herself sick at times.  So we change her immediately and are currently going through 20-24 diapers in a day.  Yes my friends, you read that correctly.  That’s a lot of diapers.  But we just got our first shipment of Honest Diapers so at least they are cute and environmentally friendly!

Postpartum:  Feeling good and finally back to normal, other than the constant feeling of exhaustion.  Thinking about starting some exercising videos this week.  Just thinking.  We will see if I put my thoughts to action. 

Milestones: OH my goodness she smiles!  Like huge smiles.  And when I wake her up, she has her routine stretches that she does, then I get real close to her face so she can see me and she just lights up.  Melts me into a puddle every. Single. Time.  I love that kid.

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Nicole Shea said...

What a beautiful sweet girl!!! Such a blessing that she is a great sleeper! And ooh my gosh, that huge smile!!!!!

Sheila@TheFailteHouse said...

She is just beautiful Denise! Happy she is feeling better and love her little pink chair! xo

Celeste said...

Ahhh she's gorgeous!!! She sounds like such a good, happy little baby!

Unknown said...

Gosh, she is just so beautiful! I love her! And you guys just ease into the flat surface. Gigi will do great :) And I can't believe she is 12lbs, that is awesome! Lol, Scarlett is almost 13lbs! Happy 2 months sweet girl!!

Becky said...

Happy 2 months georgia!!! She is so adorable :) Glad she is doing so well!!

Paige said...

She is so cute! And an awesome sleeper- wow!

Jessica said...

Her eyes are amazing! And her smile just melts my heart!

Nicole Marie said...

she has such a cute nose!

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