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Friday, May 1, 2015

Sneak peak of a maternity session i had the other night with the amazingly, talented Kaylla Spencer!  More to come!

so i've been thinking a lot about this little blog of mine lately.  truth is - i love it.  i love this little online community and i have honestly met some amazing friends through blogging.  i love when a friend texts me and says "oh i needed what you wrote today on your blog!."  not that i am any sort of remedy for anything but the thought of possibly providing encouragement to even one person makes me smile.  i love sharing personal experiences and then connecting with someone who feels the same or has gone through the same thing.  this life on earth can feel lonely sometimes, even when you are surrounded with others, and sometimes just reading through someone else's experience can make you realize your not alone at all.  jesus put us on this earth to encourage one another and build each other up, all while pointing one another to Him, and ultimately i hope i am able to do that.  since i've become a mom i've also found comfort and community when i am able to post about georgia and what she's learning or struggling with.  the support and advice i've gained from so many of you is priceless.

but then there's the other side of blogging.  the fear of sharing too much.  i've never worried about sharing too much about my life.  i've always been an open book with my friends and family and i firmly believe that i am called to share certain experiences in hopes of encouraging others.  for some it may seem like too much but for me, it's not.  and matt has always been trusting and supportive of whatever i feel like putting on this blog.  so it's really not matt or me i'm worried about - it's my babies.  i obviously post a ton of pictures on here of georgia and i love doing so.  i love when my gaga in virginia texts me or mentions to my dad that it made her day when she saw the blog post of georgia pictures.  i love that.  and i love reading my friends blogs and keeping up with their lives and their littles.  but i also want to protect her and my soon to be baby boy.  i have always been conscious of what i post about them anyway but with the internet these days i wonder if i should be even more careful?  a good friend of mine recently made her blog password protected and i've been considering that for a while too.  so anyways, these are all of the thoughts swirling in my head.  i would love to hear what you other mamas/bloggers think about censorship/kid stuff, etc?  

have a blessed weekend!  xox


k8te said...

you look adorable!! i have been reading similar articles about sharing pics online and wonder if i should be more careful. i did make my instagram private recently. and i hardly blog anymore so maybe stopping wouldn't be the worst. it's a fine line knowing how much is too much! good luck with your decision!

Anonymous said...

totally a concern i have, too! gosh!! the internet is so crazy, isn't it! i feel like i don't want to overshare on my babies' lives ever, but i at least try to keep it just to my experience as a wife and mother... and i don't think i'll personally ever make my blog private unless i was kinda just done and wanted to save it, but that totally may happen one day! and i do totalllyyyy feel like there are a tonnnn of weirdos on instagram and that concerns me for sure. maybe i'll start making my IG private sometimes? i don't know!! such a thing to always be thinking about!

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