cubs game - chicago!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

rocking my glasses because... well no luggage = no contacts

One of the main events on our Chicago schedule was a cubs game.  Pretty sure it has been a dream of Matt's to check out Wrigley Field, so despite the not-so-great weather forecast, off to field we went!  We took the red line train which was fun and allowed us to see some more of the city, then headed into the park to watch batting practice (yay!) and score Nisey a hat.  The first 4-5 innings were so enjoyable (weather-wise) and our nice neighbors beside us bought us some Chicago Dogs for the whole experience (side note: there were multiple people who bought us things on this trip.  Complete strangers just wanting us to enjoy our first trip to Chicago.  Seriously - the nicest people ever live up there!).  Around inning 5 things got cold... real cold.  And truthfully we didn't have all of our warm layers because we were still waiting on our luggage (it got lost - how fun!).  But we stuck it out as long as we could and enjoyed some yummy hot chocolate.  And bonus - the Cubs won! After that we headed back to the hotel for some lazy time, gym time and shopping time (me!).  Then off to dinner!  Our next trip up to Chicago will definitely be in the summer so we can see the ivy on the fence at Wrigley Field :)


The Yarbrough's said...

Looks like tons of fun!!

{My husband played against Castro when he played.} :) :)

Anonymous said...

y'all are adorable in the cold with your glasses!!! although what is up with airlines?! my luggage didn't make it home with me last week either!!

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