strawberry field frolicking

Monday, May 11, 2015

So last Sunday Matt and I were bound and determined to pick strawberries with G.  She was so excited about "pick strawburries in da field" only when we arrived, we found they had stopped picking for the day!  It was a busy Sunday and sadly, Tropical Storm Ana made her debut this weekend.  So we are hoping for another chance to pick some strawberries sometime this week or next.  But last time we did take some pictures (I mean duh!).  And we bought Gigi some strawberries to munch on too.  So hopefully soon I'll have some pictures of her actually picking strawberries... but these are pretty cute none the less.


Meg O. said...

How precious! Now I want to take the girls strawberry picking. Sorry they didn't have any to pick, but it sure made for some cute photos!

The Yarbrough's said...

Brayden and Bailey loved picking strawberries last I'm pretty sure Miss G is going to enjoy it too!!

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