Bump Update wearing the most comfy dress EVER!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

dress c/o swimoutlet  *  sandals are old navy last season  *  georgia's outfit snagged via zulilly

I haven't done a pregnancy update at all this time and I thought it would be fun to do one this week!  I am 32 weeks and baby boy is low and wiggly :).  I find myself wearing workout clothes and pajamas mostly because that is all that fits and I am over maternity clothes.  Luckily I found the adorable dress above on Swim Outlet recently so my husband can stop asking me if I need clothes (because I wear the same thing every day!).  I love that this dress grows with my bump but is not maternity so I can comfortably wear it all summer long.  They have the cutest dresses y'all!  And suits of course.  Check em out!  But OK - back to baby boy bump update:

How far along:  32 weeks!

Size of baby: about the size of a squash!

Maternity Clothes: I'm kinda tired of them as mentioned above, so it's comfy dresses and stretch pajamas most days.

Stretch Marks and Sleep:  None of the former yet thankfully.  This pregnancy I used my BioOil for a few weeks until it ran out and now I've been using Beauty Counter Body Oil.  I love it and it smells DIVINE.  I have Rosemary + Citrus blend.  So good.  Sometimes I'll layer Burt's Bees Tummy Butter before bed if my belly has been itchy that day.

Best Moment Lately:  We recently took Gigi to the doctor with us to hear her brother's heartbeat and that was so sweet.  I also love when she lays on my belly and he kicks or wiggles around and it startles her.  She sweetly says, "Matthew moving!"

Movement:  Tons!  He's a wiggle worm just like his sister and nighttime seems to be his prime time.

Cravings:  Ice cream and cereal that's really bad for you.

Gender: Baby boy :)

Wedding Ring on or off: On!

Any sickness/nausea:  Luckily that has ended for the most part for me!  The first half of this pregnancy was rough compared my pregnancy with G. Lots of puking :)  Thankful that seems to be behind me.

Belly Button In or Out:  In!

What I miss:  Red wine mostly.  And stinky cheeses.  Lots of red wine and stinky cheeses are in my August future.

What I am looking forward to:  So much!  Holding my precious baby boy.  Being a mama to a baby boy!  Watching our family grow.  Seeing Georgia turn into a big sister.  Lots of cuddles and kisses.

Labor Signs:  None!  Let's keep it that way mister :)  Although I have a hunch I may be early this time.  but who knows!  I'll probably be 10 days late since I said that...

Nursery:  Not.  Even.  Started.  And I kinda feel bad about that.  He's already feeling the brunt of the 2nd child syndrome.  Poor thing.  But it'll get finished.  And that sweet boy is sleeping in my room for a few months at first anyway :)

Emotions:  Happy!  Nervous.  Excited.  Overwhelmed at time.  Blessed and thankful.


Meg O. said...

Well aren't you just gorgeous! I can't believe you're already 32 weeks!!

Ashley Brickner said...

Love that dress, you look great!

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