Mother's Day 2015

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

such a tomboy.  always a ball in her hand

gigi and daddy's herb and vegetable garden has taken off!  we even used the spinach for a smoothie the other day

My mother's day was perfect this year.  My sweet hubby planned a slew of my favorite events that all needed bright and sunny weather (strawberry picking, picnic in the park, beach) but then we got hit by a tropical storm.  So none of those outdoorsy things happened, but you know what did happen?  Snuggles, kisses, family time, laughs and a pedicure with my mama.  I'd say that's a win!  And we snuck outside for a few pictures after brunch.

hope all you mamas and mamas to be out there felt loved, appreciated and special.  and to all you women who want so badly to be a mama but aren't, or to those who miss their children in heaven, or to anyone who misses their own mama or doesn't have a relationship with their own mama.  i woke up with you on my heart and i prayed for you.  and i continue to pray for you.  god is good even in hard times and whatever your story, know He has never left your side.  He holds you in the darkest and the brightest of times.  still praying for you.



Jessica said...

Beautiful ladies! xoxo

Yasmeen said...

LOVE your dress! That was a super sweet prayer for the women out there.

Anonymous said...

aww beauties!! and howww fun, gigi and daddy's garden!!!! that's amazing!!!

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