Georgia Grace is 18 Months!

Monday, February 2, 2015

We celebrated my tiny baby lady's 18 month milestone this past Friday night and I am still scratching my head, wondering where the past year and a half has gone.  No really?!?  When people tell you, "the days are long but the years are short," they couldn't be more right.  I want to cling to every little moment and never forget all of her little expressions and funny little sayings.  Matt and I will be out on a date night and we'll find ourselves laughing over the little things she does.  Oh I love her so much.  So I decided to do a little update on her 18 month old self for ya!  She's a firecracker I tell ya...

Weight: 23ish pounds!  Growing like a little weed!

Health: We battled the winter with some serious colds.  It seems they have subsided over the past month, so for that, I am thankful!

Sleep: It’s funny how this used to cause me so much anxiety, and now things are just normal!  And I love it.  G goes to bed anywhere between 7:45 and 8:15 depending on how long her bath lasts and how long she can stall mommy and daddy…  “more story, more story!"  And she sleeps until anywhere from 6:30-7:30.  Usually its closer to 6:30 and I used to loath this so much, but ya know?  It's not so bad.  When she's older and able to understand we'll try to train her to stay in her room until 7 but until then, I'll take the snuggles, even if they are when the moon's still out :)

Social: G is thriving in her little toddler class, which she attends 2 mornings a week.  I was sooooo unbelievably nervous about this at the beginning of the year.  She is by far the youngest babe in the class (with her friend, Caroline!) by 10 months in some cases.  So I was worried she wasn’t ready.  But truth be told, I am so glad she has this class.  It not only gives me a tiny break but she absolutely loves going.  Her teachers are saints, truly, and she is learning so much it blows my mind!  And it will be nice that next year when she transitions into 2 year old preschool it won’t be such an adjustment.  I mean, she will have a tiny baby brother or sister at home, so I think that’s plenty adjusting for her in the fall!

Diet: She’s a great eater thankfully!  But… she wants what she wants if ya know what I mean.  Some days she will gobble up sweet potatoes and others she just passes over them.  So I have had to get creative and always always always plan out her (and our) meals!  She’s recently taken to blueberries which used to be her least favorite fruit.  She still loves a good Mexican meal (black beans and guacamole thank you very much!).  We’ve cut down her milk consumption a bit to the allotted amount because we noticed at around 15 months she wasn’t eating a ton but she was drinking so. Much. Milk.  Well now she still drinks 3 glasses a day but eats 3 meals a day and 3 snack a day.  Having her on a schedule with eating has also helped us a ton.  I didn’t realize how inconsistent her meal times were (and how much we were snacking!) until I really stuck to a schedule.  Now she eats better meals and sleeps better!  Praise the Lord!

Clothes: Georgia is still in 18 months, and probably will be until she’s almost 2.  She’s tall for her age but she is a bean pole (with a big belly!).  So the 24 months stuff just looks so wide on her still.  But we can swing certain things.  Can we just talk about how mommy is so over bundling my babe up and is so ready for bubbles and sandals again??

Baby Gear Love: As far as “gear” it’s mainly the toys that we love.  G did go through a stage where she hated bath – despised it really.  We couldn’t get her to sit down even when Matt or I would get in with her.  Well my sweet mama friend, Kelly, recommended bath thingies that turn the water different colors.  And hallelujah for that!  Now she loves picking the color of her bath every night and washing her hair is no problem at all.  In fact, the only problem is getting her out sometimes!  Thanks for the rec Kelly!

Crying: She’s a pretty happy little lady these days.  If she falls or bumps her head she wrinkles her face up, looks up for mommy or daddy (or a grandparent, friend teacher, anyone will do!) and says, “kisses.”  Once you kiss her boo-boo she says in a sweet southern twang, “allllllllllll better.”  She’s the best I think.

Likes: She loves making pretend sandwiches and playing with her plastic food.  She also loves being in the kitchen with mommy and “help help” or “mix mix.”  We’re big bakers over here these days.  She loves being outside with daddy and finding the “birds,” (said with an English accent that comes out here and there with certain words).  She loves eggs in the morning and helping mommy make her “coffeeeeeeeeeeeee” after a good session of being “cozy” of course.  (“Cozy” means cuddles on the couch with some milk please.  Stuffed puppy required.)  She also loves her “milkies” (aka milk in a sippy cup) and of course “sissy” will always have her heart.  A favorite game is finding anyone and everyone’s belly button and sticking her finger in it J  She’s got a way with people I tell ya!   

Dislikes: She has renamed the dreaded vacuum cleaner a “buckano” pronounced buk-a-no.  No idea where that came from, but anything that resembles a vacuum is also a buckano.  And frankly I usually push her when it comes to pronunciations, but the way she says “buckano” is too cute for words so I haven’t had the heart to correct her.  But it’s still not OK to turn on the real vacuum while she’s in the room.  We’ll work on it.

Postpartum:  Well I’m 17 weeks pregnant so there’s that!  Thankful that I’m feeling good and thankful to feel my tiniest love squirming around in my belly already!

Milestones: She’s talking a mile a minute.  She probably knows about 100 words by now and she’ll talk your ear off.  She has started putting 2 and 3 words together for phrases like “wake up” and “vest, wear, zip.” We went to put her sleep sack on the other night and she looked at me and said, "No sack for meeeeeeeee."  I love our sweet conversations.

So that's a little about Miss Gigi lately...


Jessica said...

OMG, she is the cutest thing! And sounds like so much fun! And yes for sleep and good eating!

Stephanie Chalk said...

She is the cutest! What a sweet post. Xo, Stephanie

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