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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Today I am super excited to introduce you to one of my dear friends, Cara.  She recently started her business, Sugar by the Sea, a licensed in-home bakery, that produces delectable treats that almost look to gorgeous to eat!  Cara's talent is undeniable and working with her is such a pleasure.  My mom recently placed an order for Super Bowl and as always, Cara didn't disappoint.  She does everything from birthday parties and weddings to baptisms and graduation celebrations.  She is located in Leland but serves the entire surrounding area including Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach.  If you are in need of a delicious treat for a special occassion or just because she's so good, she is your gal!  So here y'all go, get to know the sweet baker behind Sugar by the Sea, and check out some of her AMAZING orders from Valentine's Day!

Tell about your blog/business in a few sentences.

I am a self-taught baker and cake designer and have been baking and decorating cakes since 2007 when I decided, spontaneously, to bake and decorate a mermaid cupcake cake for my sister’s birthday. I was in college at the time getting a degree in studio art and it seemed like a good idea to experiment with cake! I am so glad that I did. I love making cakes for people to enjoy esthetically as well as tasting delicious! I love thinking about the joy people will get, not just out of the cake, but out of the event itself—whether it’s a birthday, bachelorette party, or wedding!

Where do you see yourself/your business in 5 years?

In 5 years I would love to have a cake studio space to work and meet with potential clients that is TF (toddler free!). It would be amazing to not destroy my personal kitchen every day as well! In the short-term I am working on converting a room in my house to my office/cake display room and I’m super excited to have this new creative space to plan, draw and design cakes in!

What's a personal trial you had to overcome?

A personal trial I had to overcome was really, truly believing in myself. For years people told me “You need to open a cake business!! Why haven’t you?” and I had a million and one excuses. I really started examining this this past year and wondering what I was so scared of. I finally realized I was terrified of not being “perfect”, I was so scared to make a mistake that I never even tried. It has been the most amazing thing for me to realize that we are not called to be perfect, because no one is. Everyone that is really good at something once started out as a complete beginner. I tell myself this when I get scared to try something new, which after starting this business is almost daily!

Who or what inspires you?

My inspiration for everything comes from my faith in Jesus Christ. I feel his presence and know that he gave me my passions and gifts for a reason. To live in fear of failure is, in essence, to disrespect the gifts he has given me. I trust him above all so I chase my dreams with full force, with Jesus I have nothing to fear! I want to be able to stand before God and say wholeheartedly that I have used everything he has given me to the best of my ability. How liberating it is to realize this. As a 27 year old woman I feel like I am finally starting to push fear aside and trust God.  I also get lots of inspiration from my sweet family- my daughter and husband who are everything to me! Lastly, I am so inspired in this beautiful place that I get to call home - the coast. I love everything about Coastal North Carolina. The ocean feels like a very part of me, hence my logo the mermaid (holding a yummy cupcake of course!!)  

Share one of your favorite pictures and tell why it's your favorite.

This is one of my favorite pictures. My daughter was only a week old and I was so exhausted, but so happy! Despite being the heaviest and probably sorest I’ve ever been, I felt really beautiful. My husband took the picture and it was probably about 1 in the morning; everything about this picture makes me happy because I remember the moment exactly. I was so proud of this perfect little beautiful creature! We would just stay awake staring and marveling at her (we still do this...does it ever stop?!).


Are you in love yet?  With her talent and her heart?!?!  Thank you Cara for sharing today.  Be sure and head over to Sugar by the Sea's Facebook Page and "like" it so you can see more of her amazing work and get any updates.  Also, feel free to email Cara with any questions at sugarbythesea1 [at]


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