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Monday, February 9, 2015

Ok y'all!  I am so very excited about our first guest post in the Living on Purpose Series!  Today you get the privilege of hearing from Brittany, of Life of Charmings.  Brittany transformed from blog friend turned real life friend last May when we had our first official blate.  We became bloggy friends long before that and share so much!  Our baby girls have the SAME birthday only her darling M was born in 2012 and sweet little G was a 2013 baby.  And and!  We are both preggy with our second bundle and due about a week apart!  So fun, I know!  She's also a health and wellness guru (in my books at least!) and has introduced me to all sorts of fun things, like silver!  Who knew you could use that stuff to make you feel better.  I digress... that's realllllllly not the point of this series so without further ado, I'll let Brittany take over....


hi friends of the loveliest denise!! my name is brittany, and i have a little blog called life of charmings where i love to document bits of my life... which, much like denise, now mostly revolves around being the mom to a little princess lady, with one more baby on the way this summer!! with my wonderful and supportive husband around, too, of course. ;) so, i'm definitely learning a whole lot in my "adult life" here! ha, but i mean, am i really supposed to be an adult already?!! oh my! i suppose i am!!

so, one thing that i'm learning these days, for sure, is that the older i get and the more i take on in life, the more important it becomes to live every day with purpose and intention. and i won't lie, i'm not that great at it!! but... baby steps, right! my little girl is growing, my unborn is growing, my marriage is still growing, and so am i! and my favorite way to learn and grow is to start with the little things. i really cherish the little things in life. it's totally my nature. so in that respect, i'm learning to take the smallest moments in my days and make something of them. i definitely know now that you have to keep your foundation strong in order to be strong for those around you, so, here are a few ways i'm trying to do just that...

-browsing my iphone as i fall asleep at night? that's the perfect chance for me to get my fill of bible verses and end my day in prayer! i'm a terrible [iiii mean terrible!] morning person, so just like how many people say they love to start the day with their devotional time, i find that i love to end the day on a good note like that! i just have to make a point to do it, before i default to pinterest browsing. but hey! there are some great and beautifully illustrated verses on pinterest, right! ;)

-feeling like i'm in a rut? that's when i make an absolute point to spruce myself up a bit. step awaaaay from the obligations, put on my makeup, and maybe paint my nails! i also love having a bottle of neutrogena micromist spray tan on hand to keep my glow going through the winter. [just try not to inhale it!] and also, thank goodness for a good concealer. if there's one thing that i find totally depressing, it's when your reflection is pasty with purple under-eye circles! nooo thanks!

-not a lot of breaks in my day? this is such a tough one for me! as a stay at home mom, i feel like there's so much that's up to me to figure out in my day from the time i wake up to the time i collapse on the bed [most often my toddler's bed, because honestly, i pass. out. these days!], but at the same time, it's all just working around my little one, too! so, as time goes on, it's always a new challenge to restructure our days and find new balances between getting things done, quality play time, getting out of the house, and just taking moments here and there to stop and put my feet up for thirty minutes. i mean, since i'm currently pregnant and entertaining a toddler [ahem, i'm sure you can relate, denise!!], sometimes i really just have to encourage some major independent play, or throw a couple shows up on the tv so i can just give myself a break! because in my head, i should keep going, going, going, but... let me tell you, the body often says otherwise!

-wondering where my value comes from? wellll, living in a society that encourages us all to find our importance in the world, in titles, in recognition, i often have a really hard time with this! i mean, i believe in my heart of hearts that i am doing exactly what God wants me to be doing as i spend my days preparing a tiny little member of this next generation for the big world around her... but heavens to betsy, wouldn't it be just DANDY if maybe for one day, the ole "office" was abuzz with the news of my big promotion?! if my growing paycheck reflected all the hard work i've been doing right there in numbers, in writing?! maybe the boss walks up and says, "brittany, you did a real bang-up job on the richardson file!! you're getting your bonus early this year!" haha. okay, so, truthfully, i would absolutely perish if i tried to make it in the corporate world, so i think my business fantasies are more of a metaphor or something. but all this to say... no matter what role you take on in life, your importance, worth, recognition, value... it should come from above! the Lord sees my intentions, accomplishments, failures, hopes, and dreams, and at the end of the day, that is such a comfort!

so, anyway!! for me, living on purpose is in the little things each day. the tiny adjustments when i think i might be heading off course. the small moments that i can make something more of! and time out, let's not forget to throw in some good doses of fresh flowers, hot cups of coffee, and sunny afternoon drives, a million breaths of outdoor fresh air, and really, life is good. :) thank you so so much for having me, sweet denise! i love your heart of gold!!

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Anonymous said...

you are the best, denise!! thank you so much for letting me share my little thoughts here!! all my love to you, beauty! xoxoxo

laurie said...

These are all excellent little tidbits and valuable remembrances. It's so easy to just forget to be in the moment.

And I'm intrigued about this silver thing!?

Jessica said...

Love this. And I totally agree with so much of it. Cant wait to read them all!xox

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