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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

So last week something amazing happened - I met not one, but TWO of my favorite blog friends!  And they are both named Brittany!  The irony... I love it.  A little about my blog friends turned real life friends...

Britt from Brittany Louise

I've followed Britt's blog for a long time now (previously named The Magnolia Pair), but it wasn't until we both had baby girls that we really got close!  Between mama emails about sleeping through the night (or NOT sleeping for Georgia) and when to introduce solids, Britt and I bonded.  I knew we would hit it off if we ever had the chance to officially meet and as fate would have it, we got the chance!  Britt, her sweet husband and her adorable baby girl Scarlett were in my town!  Soooo Matt and I jumped at the opportunity to have them over for dinner.  And Georgia loved her new friend!  Unfortunately, she passed out before this picture was taken, but her and Scarlett formed a bond.  They babbled and shared secrets, baby-style... I'm sure of it!

Britt - Matt and I just love your sweet family!  Every single one of you are precious, warm and just the sweetest.  I pray one day we will live closer and I can't wait until the next time we see each other!  Very soon I hope ;)  Miss you already!  


Brittany from Life of Charmings 

Sooooo I found Brittany's blog when I was about 3 months pregnant and I seriously devoured every single post in about 2 days flat.  After my emotional, pregnant self fell in love with her blog and her heart, we started commenting and talking about... well mama stuff!  Her sweet baby girl, Maddalena was born on the SAME DAY as Georgia!  Only a year earlier.  So they are actually birthday twins!  It's official.  July 30 is THE best day for a baby to be born!

Brittany - I loved our sweet lunch/brunch together and I loved meeting sweet M.  You are pure, sweet gold and I am so glad we met.  Gigi is still so mad at me for not taking her.  But I told her that next time we would all reunite on a beach somewhere with some mama wine?!?  Yes? Yes!  Come to Wilmington!  Miss you already!

Go visit their blogs and fall in love just like I did!


Anonymous said...

this makes me sooooo happy!!! i was so grateful you were able to squeeze in a visit!! you are just the sweetest and loveliest lady, inside and out and i am thrilled to be official real friends!!!!! next time, longer chats and the birthday twins meet!!!!

Unknown said...

Ahh just love you, Denise! How crazy that our BFF triangle met within the same week? I mean, that is just crazy to me! You and Brittany are my favs!! We had the best time and I hope we will be back soon!! Fingers crossed!!

Linh said...

SO sweet and makes me jelly I don't live closer. :) I swear, blogging and Target are God's gift to mommies. Blogging gives us a voice and lets us connect to some amazing ladies and Target is just great retail therapy :) haha

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

So fun! Checking them both out now!

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