Georgia is 9 months old!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

This post is a little late (G turned 9 months exactly two weeks and 1 day ago!)... but I figured better late then never!  Here is how our sweet tiny lady is growing and learning and changing as a 9 month old!

9 months

Weight: G is weighing 19 pounds even!  She is in the 60 something percentile for weight and the 70 something percentile for height!  We have a tall baby lady on our hands!

Health: So thankful we are a healthy baby!  The pollen made her sneeze a lot this past month but other than that we have been great.

Sleep: HAHAHAHAHAHA.  Sleep.  Funny thing you are.  We did have some consistent nights.  We really did I promise.  But then life happens.  And mom and dad go out of town and baby is forced to sleep in a pack and play and then she makes more teeth and well, we are back to waking up twice a night again.  We were out of town again last week and our doctor told us not to deal with the sleeping thing until we got back.  Well, we’re back and we’re gonna deal with it I guess.  SO here’s to sleep training for the 1,000,000 time!!  Prayers are appreciated J

Social: I have seen a different side of my little social butterfly this month.  She still loves to be around people.  But she is in her mommy stage I think, and well sometimes when mommy goes out of sight the little lady is not happy about it.  And honestly, I’ll take it!  But she had lots of family time for her dedication ceremony a few weeks ago, and she met sweet Scarlett during a dinner date a few weeks ago.  And she still looooves her Kindermusik friends!

Diet: She is officially no longer drinking breast milk.  She is a formula baby and she has done great with it.  She eats solids 3 times a day plus a snack as well and she much prefers real people food to formula – can you blame her?  We are upping the finger food thing this coming month so any recommendations would be lovely!   

Clothes: I just can’t.  I mean summer clothes?!?  Bathing suits?!?  It will take 3 outfit changes a day for this child to wear all the clothes she has but we are happy to make the effort because they are So. Cute.  She’s still in 12 months for the most part but can wear some 9 month stuff still too.

Baby Gear Love: We love this thing for the pool now!  We have also loved this thing that I got on Zulily.  We use it for grocery carts and high chairs.  Amazing.

Crying: She’s a pretty happy baby unless she’s tired, bored or hungry!

getting her to sit still is a bit of a joke these days

Likes: She still LOVES her sissy.  She loves going to Kindermusik and she loves listening to any kind of music!  She loves crawling and bath time.  What can I say?  She loves life!

Dislikes: She is not a fan of her high chair until she realizes she gets to eat.  She doesn’t like getting her diaper changed anymore and is SUCH a wiggle worm!  Other than she’s good!

Postpartum:  Feeling good, especially when I get sleep!

Milestones: She is crawling all over the place, and let me tell yall she is FAST!  She is starting to pull up on things and is starting to babble more and more.  She does a ramble of “da da da da da” but still no “da da” as a complete word.  

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Anonymous said...

yaaay 9!!! 10 is just around the bend ahh! and we're almost to 22 for m! crazy how these babies grow!

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