Keri from Living in this Season: Making Baby Food!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Y'all I am so excited to introduce one of my newest and most favorite blog friends - Keri from Living in This Season!  She's here to talk about making some baby food - so enjoy!


Hello! I am so excited to be sharing today and hope to encourage you all. My life is currently filled with lots of lists and preparation as I am expecting baby number 3 at the end of the month! With a 5 year old and 2 year old boys I am now trying to remember all my baby knowledge and prepare for... a little girl! I am still in shock over this as I was convinced we would have all boys but I am extremely excited as well. Blogging is my little corner of my world where I can share my heart, things I am passionate about, struggling with, or just having fun with. At Living In This Season, I hope to encourage others, no matter what the season of life we are in, to live currently in that season.... embracing the moments.   28000_3922092220009_1690972132_n

Thinking of babies and all things baby has made me think about things I want to do differently and things that worked and I want to do again. One thing that worked was making my own baby food. I know, I know I have lost some of you know.... making baby food, who has time for that?! Trust me I thought the same thing. With my oldest son, I did not tackle making my own baby food. The thought of it seemed overwhelming (although honestly looking back what a perfect time to tackle this when I have only one child!)... Then I was given this book when I was pregnant with my 2nd: Cooking Light First Foods.


 I have loved this book! It really was helpful and took all the fear out of making your own baby food. There is information on the different stages of baby food, food safety, storing, etc. And bonus: I realized I could use what I already had: blender, ice cube trays, and freezer bags. My tips for making your own baby food: - Don't let it overwhelm you! You do not have to go crazy and make batches and batches of baby food to freeze. In the beginning I would make up maybe a batch of peas and sweet potatoes on a Sunday for the week. But a lot of the time, I would just blend the veggie/fruit we were eating for dinner. - Keep it simple. You do not need to go out and buy a fancy machine... blender works fine. Ice cube trays work perfectly for freezing. Freezer bags work great for storage. If you are going out, I found small glass or plastic containers with kids work to tote the food around in. - Go local. In the summer I would get a lot of our produce from the farmer's market. It was pretty easy using some of this to blend up for baby food. I am really hoping this year to have success with our garden to be able to use some of that for this baby (this is very optimistic thinking because I do NOT have a greenthumb). - Give yourself Grace. Yes, I loved making my own baby food and it ended up working for me... but remember it is not the end of the world if your child eats store bought baby food. My oldest ate it and is fine! So please do not read this and feel bad if you do use store baby food. Or if you try this out and think, this just is not for me, that is okay. Accept the stage you are in and what you want to take on and what you want to set aside. Yes, I love tackling baby food... cloth diapers though, are another story. :) - Make it fun! It can be insanely messy feeding a little one... but relax and enjoy it! Can't you just tell in my son's face his pure excitement (joking he looks a little amused maybe)...

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So I encourage my fellow mamas of babies.. maybe you have always wondered about making your own baby food... try it out! Even better, grab a friend who has a child near your child's age, and tackle this new adventure together. With this book and Pinterest at your fingertips there is plenty of help for you to tackle this baby food making. I promise it is way easier than I ever imagined!

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