Georgia's Beauty Favorites!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

1. Squeaky Clean Body Wash -  Georgia loves this stuff!  Well, her mom loves it and when it comes to being 9 months old that's really all that matters in the beauty department.  This stuff smells great, does the job and most importantly, is SAFE.  I feel good about the stuff I'm putting on my daughter's body.  And that, my friends, is priceless.  Purchase HERE.

2.  Nice Do Shampoo - We only wash G's hair maybe every other bath, but this stuff smells SO good!  And again, I feel good about what I'm putting on my baby girl.  Purchase HERE.  Also, for older children they have an amazing conditioner to go with!  Purchase that HERE.

3.  California Baby Diaper Cream - This diaper cream is amazing.  I've used it since G was born and we love it.  Luckily she hasn't had too many diaper rashes but we still put on a little cream every night.  Purchase HERE.

4.  Organic Coconut Oil - I use this stuff for diaper rashes also.  I also use it for moisturizer.  G has sensitive skin and had a bit of eczema on her legs and back.  Two days of using this stuff and it's gone.  So now I rub some on her every single night as a moisturizer as part of our bedtime routine.  After we dry off from bath time, we have a little baby massage with this good stuff.  Although lately I will say she is a bit of a wiggle worm, so sometimes I rub it on her while still in the bath because getting her to lie still for a massage is tough!  Purchase HERE.

5.  Sunnies -  I am so excited for when G will wear sunglasses for an extended amount of time.  She won't really do it yet, but I try.  We have these and as soon as she will keep them on, I will make her wear sunglasses at all times outside to protect her sensitive little baby blues.  Purchase HERE.

6.  Sun Hat -  Because G won't were sunglasses well, she wears this hat all.  the.  time.  I'm so thankful she likes hats.  Anytime we are outside, she has this hat on.  I should probably invest in a second hat, but this one is just so cute.  Purchase similar HERE.

7.  Super Duper Sunscreen - Anytime we are outside - G has this stuff lathered on.  I love it.  It's light, provides great protection and I can trust the ingredients.  I always put it on her legs, feet, arms and hands when we go outside and if she's not in the stroller, she gets it on her face too.  She doesn't mind it and it dries well.  It's my favorite sunscreen in the whole universe.  I also use it on my face it's so great.  Purchase HERE.


Cat said...

There is that amazing coconut oil again!! Oh and I LOVE the kids bath wash...AMAZING It smells yummy and more importantly I feel better knowing it is safe for my precious kiddos.

Cassie {Home and Sass} said...

hi! does the sunscreen dry w/ a white filmy zinc-ish layer? I tried the California baby sunscreen, and it did that, and made my child look like a little ghost....

Living In This Season said...

I will be looking into that baby wash! Looks great. I love California baby diaper cream... by far the best!

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