25 week letter to gigi

Monday, April 15, 2013

Georgia Grace,
You are 25 weeks today! Holy cow that means in 15 weeks (or less) you will be in my arms. I’ve been thinking a lot about that day lately. Trying to imagine exactly what it will be like. Trying to picture your sweet face. The truth is; I can’t picture it at all. I don’t think my brain or my heart can wrap itself around what that moment will feel like.

So lately I just pray. Pray for you. Pray for your future. For your friends. For your future husband. And for me and your dad. I pray we have patience with each other when you are young and so tiny and we are sleepy and delirious. And I pray that I will be able to soak up each and every cuddle you give out. Oh, I can’t wait for those cuddles. I love you.

Love, mama

PS – Your G-daddy is painting your nursery this week! Eeeek! It’s starting. And your shower curtain came in last week. It’s hot pink. Thank you Lilly Pulitzer. I promise to be a busy little bee these next few weeks and months and have everything ready (hopefully) for you when you arrive. But I know that when I see your little face, none of that will matter! But I still think you’re gonna looooove this shower curtain ;)


Jessica said...

You look stunning in that dress. I'm sure soon you will be in full blown nesting mode!

Kari said...


La Maman Heureuse said...

You looks so sweet and love these letters! And it's weird to wrap your mind around how she will look, cause you have this bond with her while she's in your tummy and then they are there and it's exactly how you imagined, you'll see :-) that's how I felt too when my daughter was born. It was like I had known her all along and you have. It's just perfect to put a little face to it!

A Brew of Blessings said...

This is precious and you are glowing! Love it.

Bridgette Nicole said...

You are adorable!! I hope I am as cute as you when I am pregnant! Love your outfit girl! :) I am your newest follower! Yay!

Ashley Brickner said...

Congrats!! You look great! Newest follower!


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