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Friday, April 26, 2013

this is what happiness looks like my friends.  sevilla riding shotgun with her head out the window....

10 random ramblings for your friday
1.       THIS ARTICLE is really good.  You should read it.
2.       When you’re pregnant, strangers stop looking at your face.  In fact, I'm not sure they remeber you have one.  Instead, they stare, sometimes smile, and even say hello to your growing belly.  I used to find it so uncomfortable.  Now, I just accept it.
3.       Warm weather is like taking a happy pill.  It's the best.  I love walking outside and smelling the fresh cut grass.
4.       I need some good stress buster ideas.  Got any?  Lately I’ve been getting overwhelmed with all that needs to be done before baby arrives.  I try to remind myself that even after sweet Georgia gets here, we will still be able to be somewhat productive but it doesn’t help.  I need to chill.
5.       Girlfriends are the best.  Everyone just have some good ones. 
6.       I get really winded lately.  Before getting pregnant, I would like to have thought I was in decent shape.  But this pregnancy thing takes it out of ya.  And I’m not quite to my 3rd trimester!  Walking back and forth carrying my laptop bag through a few schools a day and I’m beat.  So exercise has since, taken a back seat. 
7.       LOFT has seriously cute stuff this season.  I went in the other day for some clothes I can wear preggy and settled on this dress, which I do love.  But what I really wanted was this dress.  And don’t think I wasn’t considering buying it and saving it until next Spring.  But then I came to my senses I suppose.  I still think about it though….
8.       So I know everyone loves a good ole’ fashion Wedny’s frosty, but have y’all ever tried the Wendy’s vanilla frosty?  With oreos on top?  Ah-maze-ing.  I used to be an ole’ fashion chocolate frosty kinda girl, but then my hubby got one of those delicious vanilla creations and well… I ate the whole thing.
9.       I eat chocolate every day.  Most days, multiple times.  Sometimes it’s chocolate milk, chocolate grahm crackers or chocolate yogurt.  But I love it.  And when I hear people on E News talking about how they have sweet “a couple times a week,” but “whenever they want to,” I call bull-crap.  I mean, I don’t eat a chocolate chess pie every day, but a little sweet every day is fine right?!? Right. 
10.   I love my drive to work.  It takes about 30 minutes most days and it’s such a special time.  I don’t let myself turn on the radio at all.  The day will be filled with plenty of hustle and bustle I’m sure.  Sounds weird I know, but I usually use the time to pray.  Pray for my baby, pray for my marriage, pray for my friends and family, and pray for my stubborn self.  Sometimes I sit in silence for 20 minutes before I can start praying, and others it just flows right outta me.  It’s a good time.  And it clears my head and focuses my heart. 

Happy Friday!  xox


Esther Ann said...

Ahw, bless you and baby.
What an exciting time of transition!
I'm the same with the radio, when I walk places I never really listen to my iPod, I like to not fill every moment with noise but instead just listen. It's good, prepares me for the day.

Esther x

Anonymous said...

so much happiness when pups have their head out the window!! and #2 exactly. and #4, the only thing that could relax me when i was pregnant was listening to john mayer or pink floyd. no joke. or floating in the pool. so that pretty much sums up my pregnancy, because hormones = stress!

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