6 months update!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

And now I bring you a preggy update! 22-24 Weeks

How Far Along: 24 weeks as of yesterday AKA 6 MONTHS!  Side note here:  When I tell people I am 6 months pregnant most people react with, “Oh my goodness 3 more months!”  Then my when I tell them I am due in late July they become confused.  As would I pre-pregnancy.  So allow me to clear up a common misconception.  I am 6 months pregnant right now but I still have 4 months to go.  You carry a baby for 40 weeks and, well, 40/4 is 10 my friends, not 9.  So you are technically “pregnant” for 10 months not nine.  Crazy huh?  They start counting the week before the egg is fertilized or something crazy.  I don’t know all the details.  All I know is I am 24 weeks pregnant and that means 6 months!  And it also means I’m in my last month of my 2nd trimester, aka I’m closer to my 3rd trimester, aka baby is soon and I need to get busy on her nursery!

Size of Baby: Georgia is the size of a cantaloupe. She about 11 inches long and weighs about 15 ounces. 

Maternity Clothes: Duh.  I love them.  I still can get away with the belly band at times, and luckily a lot of my dresses are flowy (so hurry up warm weather), but there is nothing like putting on my preggy pants.  They have an elastic, loose band that comes clear up to below my boobs – letting my belly just chill.  I’m pretty sure I’ll wear these pants for the rest of my life because they are that comfy.     
Stretch Marks: None yet.  Sticking to my Coconut Oil nightly and I’ve incorporated BioOil into my regime as well thanks to the lovely Kelly’s recommendation. 
Sleep: Sleeping like a babe lately.  I still wake up a few times to readjust and get comfy and I haven’t bought one of those snazzy pillows yet and I don’t know if I’m going to.  Between me, my growing belly, my 6’4’’ hubby and my fur baby, I’m not sure there is room for that thing in our bed.  And we like to stay close and snuggle.  But I do sleep with an extra pillow between my knees and that is super comfy!
Best Moment of the Week/Past Month:  My trips to target are pretty amazing these days.  I got Georgia’s Labor Day dress the other day (her first seersucker!) and I’m pretty much in love with all of their onsies.  But I love hearing her heartbeat and feeling her kick.  We heard her little heartbeat again yesterday and it continues to amaze me that she is growing inside me.  It washes away any fears I have in my mind and reminds me of God’s faithfulness and goodness each time.  And I love her kicks.  And her flips.  And her cartwheels.  She may be a gymnast, I’m telling ya.
Movement:  Yes!  See above comment because she’s a mover and a shaker, that’s for sure.
Cravings: Chocolate milk is still a nightly ritual.  And of course breakfast food.  Nothing else though.  I just eat everything.  And a lot of it.

Gender: Still a girl J  I made my doctor re-evaluate the ultrasound again last week to make sure.  She said they are pretty good and these things and it’s save to buy pink.  Good thing! 

Belly Button In or Out: Still in!
Wedding Ring on or Off: On.
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: Still feeling so blessed to say no!
What I Miss: Still missing the red.  But thanks to our wine club membership we are stocking up for when mama is back in the game!
What I am Looking Forward to: Showing off my belly!  My belly has finally “popped” so they say and I look preggy.  I love it.  We have lots of busy and fun weekends and travels coming up with good friends so I’m excited to rock my baby belly with my loved ones.

Labor Signs: Nope thank goodness.  Too early for that!  

Nursery: There is a plan!!  I have picked the paint color.  It’s official.  And these next few weeks we are taping off the room and hubby is painting the trim.  Then he and his daddy are gonna get that bad boy painted so I can move on!  I’m also painting her bathroom a different color.  So I’m hoping in the next 2-3 weeks we can check off painting from our "To Do" list! 

Emotions:  Happy.  Overjoyed.  Still super sensitive, and emotional, but happy still.  I wake up every morning with a baby in my belly.  My baby.  A baby that looks like me or Matt.  How can I not be overjoyed?

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Esther Ann said...

I'm so glad to read this and hear your still doing really well!
Sometimes I watch tv shows about pregnancy and I get freaked. So I'm glad to read this post of happiness and see pictures of sunny days :)
Can't wait for the next update!

Esther x

Jay said...

You look great Denise! Happy to hear you're feeling great too!

Kari said...

You are glowing my friend! Love seeing that bump grow, can't wait to see miss GiGi in the near future. It will be here before you know it!

p.s. I'm one of those women who never knew you carry a baby for 10 months. lol...Learn something new everyday!

Jessica said...

I remember learning that pregnancy was 10 months and I was like what?! I thought it was just 9 months. But hey I guess you can use that time to get ready! Babies in seersucker are the cutest! Glad to hear all is going great. Love your lil bump!

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...


You are so cute with your bump. You can definitely tell you're pregnant. :)

The week/month thing is too confusing to explain to people so I usually just tell people how long I have left. :) Makes it simpler for me since I'm not as great at explaining stuff.

YAY for having a plan for the nursery! I need to finish ours us.

Kalyn Randolph said...

So thankful to hear that you are feeling well! You look fabulous! Pregnancy looks good on you, girl! :)

Rachel said...

You seriously are the cutest preggy! SO happy for you!

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