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Friday, April 19, 2013

A few days ago I talked a little bit about the move that Matt and I made almost two years ago from Winston-Salem to Wilmington. That post is here. I talked a lot about how God provided more than we could have hoped. His blessings left us completely humbled. But one of his biggest blessings? Friends. Like I mentioned in my previous post, we were beginning to make great friends in Winston-Salem. Friends that we loved and respected – friends we could call anytime. And I am still so grateful for those relationships made. I cherish each and everyone one of those friendships and always will. But what about Wilmington friends? We had our siblings and our parents and the time we get to spend with them is so special to me. And luckily one of my best friends from growing up lived here (and now 2 of them do!) and Matt had a few friends from pharmacy school which was great. And we still see each of them a lot and love them so. But we were attending a big church and we wanted to meet people at this big church. We wanted to see familiar faces on Sundays.

And can I just say when you are in your late twenties trying to meet people at places other than your favorite college bar, it’s hard! Super hard! And awkward! I’m somewhat awkward anyway – put me in a place where I feel uncomfortable and I clam up, stutter and hide behind my big, tall husband.

Matt and I with two of the sweet couples we met just last year.

But somehow we ended up at one of the most awkward nights at church – ever. A bunch of couples, coming together to try and form bible studies. Sort of like a meet-and-greet. Don’t get me wrong, this is a wonderful time and such a cool thing that our church does. And it is because of this night that we have friends. But I’m just bad at this stuff. Well, as the night progresses, Matt and I had successfully aimlessly wandered around because of my awkwardness and we were headed for the door when Matt saw a familiar face. A guy who worked at the store connected to his pharmacy. And alas! He had a wife! Then one thing led to another and another couple stopped to talked to us, then two more. So there we were, in the middle of all of the meet-and-greet chaos, five couples in their late twenties, all married for about a year and half at that time. So we decided to start a bible study. Why not? They all looked normal, not serial-killer-like at all, all married like us, no kids and super nice.

Flash forward again to a year and half later. One couple moved (and moved back) from Costa Rica, one couple has a 5 week old baby girl, one couple is a week away from giving birth to their baby girl, one couple (that would be Matt and I) are four months away from giving birth to their baby girl, and the last couple is 7 months away from giving birth to their first baby _____ (gender unknown). And yet, it feels like I’ve known each of these people my whole life. It’s felt like that since the beginning. I mean seriously? God is so good.

with two mama's to be.  the one in the middle is sweet laney's mom!
And no we didn’t all plan to get pregnant together! Most of these pregnancies happened by “accident” aka God. I truly believed he put these people in our life at a time when he knew we would need friends near by and friends experiencing the same things. We are now all going through the same thing and get to love and support each other as we navigate life and pretty soon, parenthood. We are incredibly blessed by these sweet couples! 

So this post is just a thank you.  A thank you to God, for bringing people in to our lives when He knows we need them.  He has blessed us abundantly in the friends department with friends that live near and far.  As we get ready to start this next chapter in our lives, I am so grateful for all of the aunts and uncles that Georgia Grace will come to know.

And the newest addition to our little group of friends....
Miss Laney Gray Heath


Sarah Smith said...

Hey, Denise! This is Sarah (Collins) Smith and I stalk your blog!

I was reading through this one and got really excited because I went to college with Candace! She was a Teaching Fellow with me. It is such a small world!

You are such a cute pregnant lady and there is nothing like having a sweet baby girl! It is fun to keep up on here!

Mallory at Beautiful Things said...

I love this!!! So cool to see how God provides the perfect relationships at the perfect time during each season of our lives. And that while we can't be together in the same city during this season he's put couples in your life, experiencing the same things y'all are, to walk alongside of you. So amazing! Love you Nisey!!

Jessica said...

Love this. I'm super awkward too and meeting friends is so hard when you are older. We were lucky that when we moved to San Diego that one of the hubby's high school friends moved the same month and they reconnected. We've met some good people. And now a few friends have moved down here too. I feel so lucky. Right now we are all at the married stage...getting ready for the babies! So excited for all these changes. Love that you have a great group of supportive friends!

k8te said...

love this! it is so hard to make friends at this age! i am the queen of awkward! ha. tim and i keep hoping the couples our age who will be having kids soon move in to our neighborhood, instant friends? that's so great you have a group like that...and so fun you are all having babies at the same time!

Jessica L Martin said...

I just stumbled across your blog-I love it and I am already so inspired by your faith in the Lord! I love how you talked about God providing beautiful friendships--He is always faithful to do that in our lives! I am new to the blogging scene, follow my blog at http://foreverconvinced.blogspot.com/ :) xo-Jess

Elle said...

I loved reading this about how God has put great people in your life. I wish J and I had couple friends. We have friends individually, but we just don't have a group to hang out with like we did in college. I miss that! We're slowly meeting more people at our church (it's a big church too) but no connections yet. Hopefully soon!

Anonymous said...

oh my precious baby!! god is good indeed :) and i was lucky enough to have a friend preg with me, too! it's so nice to get to chat and compare like that!

A Brew of Blessings said...

I LOVE this post! Why?? Because this is SO me. In a new place, in my late twenties with a husband trying to make couplely friends. insert {awkward}. But God is totally providing and we are so thankful :)

Thanks for sharing this post friend!

Jess said...

Ya, making friends as an adult can be kinda hard and awkward- but obviously super worth it when it happens. Kind of like dating, haha!

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