i heart lilly

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

erin and i working the Lilly store on halloween.  she's a princess and i'm... a pumpkin duh.  all in Lilly :)
On Sunday the world lost a fashion icon.  A legend.  Someone I dearly loved and respected.  Despite the fact that I never met this woman, I felt like I knew her through her patterns.  Lilly Pulitzer has been a staple in my life.  Not only did I work at the Palm Avenue Lilly Pulitzer boutique throughout college in Raleigh, but my sissy owned the Wilmington store for a little while.  My family loves some Lilly.  And always will.  I know my sweet Georgia Grace will follow suite!  And now for a a few of my favorite Lilly dresses.  The sad part is... I didn't post half!

gaga, me, my sissy and my mama (last three all in Lilly)
lilly skorts on bid day

lilly for my bach party

in my lilly for my bridal luncheon

lilly for my bridal shower
lilly for a wedding
me and margaret ann.  both in lilly headed to Carolina Cup.

lilly for a function in college.


Kari said...

Love me some Lilly!

Liz said...

Oh my gosh were you an ADPi? Because I am too! I had no idea...how funny! I must admit, I am totally a Vera Bradley girl, but your Lilly dresses are so so cute! xo

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