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Thursday, April 18, 2013

I’m super particular about what I put on my face and on my skin.  I was that way before pregnancy and became even more aware when I realized I was with babe.  After all, every little thing that you put on your skin enters your bloodstream in some percent, so make sure you know what you’re slappin' on!  My “regime,” as my husband calls it, has gradually progressed into a mostly organic process.  I don’t want synthetics or harsh chemicals on me, in me, or in my babe.  Period.  So I choose carefully when it comes to my beauty products.
A few weeks ago I received some goodies to sample and try from Charleston Naturally – a divine-smelling lotion, and a shampoo and conditioner combo that promised me voluptuous hair.  I had never shopped with Charleston Naturally before but after perusing their sight for oh… an hour, I’m likin' what I see.  My cart holds sunscreens, lotions and shampoos.  But first I wanted to try the products they sent me, so after a few weeks of using both products here’s what I think:

1.       DEEP STEEP BODY LOTION – Ummm, I’m addicted.  I’m super particular about lotions on my body because it’s hard to find something that moisturizes all day but isn’t too thick that you can barely lather it on.  And I typically have pretty dry skin.  Luckily Charleston Naturally swooped in a saved the day and I am now a firm believer in this lotion.  It’s 100% organic with only natural ingredients and the texture!  Oh the texture.  It’s a light moisturizer and doesn’t leave your arms sore from rubbing it in, BUT it keeps you moisturized ALL day.  It really does feel amazing on my skin and even my husband has noticed my super silky legs lately.  Did I mention the smell?  It comes in a few different options but I am addicted to the Grapefruit.  Not too strong, but still pleasant.  So if you want a good moisturizer for the summer – CHECK IT OUT.  And it’s easy on the wallet – another plus!

2.       RAHUA SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER.  – OK so I’m usually a Lanza girl thanks to my hair stylists who swears by all of their products for healthy, beautiful hair.  And I still do love my Lanza.  But upon receiving these little gems, I took a break from Lanza and gave this a whirl.  They are volumizing products, so at first I was hesitant.  In the past, volumizing shampoos and conditioners leave my hair dry, brittle and hard to comb through after a shower.  So, I gave these products a whirl and was honestly shocked.  Not only was my hair soft and smooth after my shower, it really gave me volume!!  Even my husband asked if I had used my Velcro curlers – nope hubby – just the miracle products.  The shampoo feels clean and clarifying, while the conditioner feels creamy and moisturizing.  I like to change up my shampoo and conditioner ever-so-often and once my current Lanza bottles have run dry, I will be switching to this shampoo for sure.

So there ya have it!  A few good products that I hope you, too, will try and enjoy as much as I did.  I promise you won’t regret it!

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Jessica said...

I'm going to have to check out their site. Always look for good natural products! Looks like the lotion comes in some great fragrances!

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