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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Today concludes my guest posts for awhile sweet friends but I cannot tell you how excited I am to share the sweet Katie with you.  Katie is one of my first blog friends.  We have emailed back and forth and FINALLY have our long awaited Skype date on the calendar.  Her heart is pure and real and her posts leave you encouraged and challenged.  I hope you enjoy her post today and then head over to her blog, Hope Engaged and stay awhile... trust me you'll never want to leave.


Hello dear readers! Denise has been absolutely so sweet and kind in letting me guest post and get to know many of you wonderful ladies!

When Denise first asked me to write on "love" I prayed and reflected on what that meant to me.  Being married the last year and a half to my best friend and lover, I have learned so much more about loving others,
but equally about how sweetly Abba loves me.

pure, true, graceful, and stunning love is this....
shared with ever astounding words in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8...


and I am struck raw with this truth...

love is so fully alive and filled and brimming over
when we crawl out of our "selves"
and into a live of service for the "other".

to posses virtues of patience or kindness or faithfulness requires a self-control
that denies our most eminent and immediate self desires
for the sake of a greater LOVE.

quite frankly,
we are better together than apart
it causes us to sharpen one another in a way that makes us
most radiant like Christ,

who served,
and stooped,
and washed,
and GAVE
HE gave it all.

for us.

Kevin has made me a better person.
in his kindness and patience,
he has allowed me the space and freedom to become a
more stunning soul.

with open arms he allows me to cry,
and make mistakes {lots},
but he always,
affirms the woman I am
by serving me with an abandon that I don't deserve.
He leaves his pride at the door because of LOVE.
and it's through his servanthood,
that I grow.

such as Abba, only more so.
He refines us through love.
He gives himself to us with reckless abandon
and asks us to give our ourselves to others.

and so I think,
love is in the giving of ourselves.
it's the hard road at times,
but it is the divine road.

the cross,
the ultimate gift,
was sacrifice.
that yielded an eternal love and freedom the world has ever known nor will know again.

so this Valentines day,
and really, every day,
I want to be more conscious about giving of myself.

I truly hope many of you will stop by and say hello:) My husband and I just found out we are moving to Nepal April 1st to work in an aftercare home with women that have been rescued out of sex-trafficking! I'd love for you to join the journey with us!!

with hope,


Esther Ann said...

Your words get me every time, so well said. So challenging yet super duper inspiring.
And what a great post to finish your guest blogging series with :)

Esther x

A Brew of Blessings said...

I love Katie and this post is another example of her sweet love for others and for her Savior :) Beautifully written!

Natalie said...

Wonderful words Katie (as you always share)! =D

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