Super Bowl 2013

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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How 'bout them Ravens?  OK, so I really didn't care who won the Super Bowl this year personally, but some of our best friends are die-hard Ravens fans.  Like the real deal.  You may even remember us visiting them in October and them being so kind to take Matt to a game!  So it is for these sweet friends that I happily cheered for the Ravens.  So glad they pulled it out!

I do love Super Bowl.  But not for the football.  I mean yes, I do enjoy watching some football, but that's not what Super Bowl is all about is it? It's about the food, the halftime show and THE COMMERCIALS!  And none of those disappointed this year (you go Beyonce!).  And with the dramatic lights out fest that happened in the Super Dome, I got to eat even moreeeeeeeee food as the time wore on.  Here are some snaps of my Super Bowl Sunday.

Erica's adorable and delicious cupcakes!

so many yummy dips

How did YOU spend Super Bowl Sunday?


Unknown said...

Just found you through Marquis blog! You're adorable and can't wait to follow you!

We spent the Super Bowl here with some close friends... low key but there may or may not have been some dance partying going on! Haha


Unknown said...
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Kari said...

Yummy food!

TheLane said...

yummy foods and great friends is how we celebrated too!!!


Alice said...

I love how big of a deal this is in the US! We don't even get CLOSE to stuff like this with sports here in England. Except maybe strawberries and cream and Pimms at Wimbledon. Amazing, but totally not the same... x

Katie Cook said...

How CUTE are those cookies! Love them!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree - it's all about the food!! My favourite commercial was the Doritos Goat 4 Sale. We couldn't get enough.

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