valentine's day must-haves

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day lovelies!  I love this day so much - getting all mushy with the hubs and eating lots of sweets.  It's the best.  I don't know what my Valentine's Day will look like next year but I know that it will be extra sweet.  I know that I'll probably be exhausted.  And I know that I'll have two loves of my life instead of one.  So until next year I will leave you with my must-have's for this day of love.  These are things that Matt and I do every year and things that I must have or do.  Enjoy!

valentine's day must-haves

valentine's day must-haves by deniselopatka featuring embellished sandals
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1.  Kisses from my love.  And cuddles.  Lots of em.  Need I say more?

2.  Hot chocolate.  I don’t know what it is about hot chocolate but I love sipping it during a romantic night in with my hubby.  And over the weekend I bought this adorable cookie cutter so we tonight we will have some sugar cookies resting upon our hot chocolate mugs. Yummm.

3.  Girly dress, ruffles preferred.  I always wear a dress on Valentine’s Day.  Always.  And yes we always stay in.  But a dress is a must.  And the girlier and frillier and pinker – the better. 

4.  Sweet treat.  I mean duh.  I have a huge sweet tooth and so does my hubby, so Valentine’s Day is wonderful at our house.  He brings home some sweet treats, I whip some up and viola!  A dessert bar that could feed a small village – all for us.

5.  Chick flick.  We always watch a movie on Valentine’s Day.  And I always get to pick.  Before we got married I would pick The Notebook, without fail.  The past 3 years as a married couple on Valentine’s Day I’ve picked our wedding video.  Not sure where I’ll go this year.  Maybe I’ll get crazy and pick Sweet Home Alabama?  You neva know… I’m crazy like that.

6.  Something pretty to wear under that girly dress.  I prefer these and these.  But pretty undies are a must, and not just on Valentine’s Day.  I’m a believer in a woman feeling more confident and more beautiful when she’s got on some pretty panties.  So this is really a must-have all year around if you ask me, but especially on the day of love.

7.  Sexy Heels.  Aside from wearing a dress every year I also wear heels every year.  Yup.  Around my kitchen and during dinner (I usually kick them off for the movie).  I don’t wear heels often in my little beach town, but oh how I love them.  So tonight you will find me in my tallest, sexiest, most beautiful heels… at home.

8.  Curled hair.  Not really sure why this is a must-have for me on Valentine’s Day but it always has been.  Probably because I feel prettiest when my hair is curled, but whatever the reason, I always curl my hair on this day.  To work, to the gym and date night.  My hair will be big and it will be curled.

Do you have any Valentine’s Day must-have’s or traditions with your sweetie?  Do share!


Elle said...

I must say that your "must-have's" are all fabulous. Especially the tradition of a movie on Valentine's day. So sweet.

Esther Ann said...

Ahw, your so cute!
The are such sweet little traditions.
In the UK it seems more people are cynical and think its a waste of time than enjoy it.
However, in our household it was very much celebrated!

Esther x

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