Preggy Update: 18 Weeks

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dear Baby,

Oh how I love you so!  I can’t believe you are 18 weeks already.  Almost halfway done cookin huh?  Stay put please and keep growing big and strong.  On my snazzy phone I get all these pictures of what you “look like” right now and it blows my mind.  You’re the size of a sweet potato?!? Holy moly that seems so big, but so small too.  I can’t wait to meet you.  Hold you.  Kiss those lips.  Snuggle forever.  You got a new cousin last week.  Griffin Russell Lopatka – You and he will be so close in age.  He will help you and show you things.  You have three other cousins that can help you and play with you and teach you too.  Warning: you only have boy cousins.  So, if you’re a boy I think we may start a football team, whatcha think?  And if you’re a girl – well let’s just say I feel bad for your future husband.  Between your daddy, granddaddies, uncles and cousins, your future man will have lots of tests to pass.  And I kinda like it! 
I talk to you a lot now.  You talk back, I’m sure of it.  Dad always asks me what you’re saying, and I can generally decipher what you want – usually it’s ice cream but lately it’s more Girl Scout Cookies – you really love Thin Mints.  Hey, I like your style. 
We pray for you every day.  All the time.  When I think about the things I want you to know and to learn the greatest one is love.  I pray you feel loved the moment you come into this world.  I pray you never doubt my love for you, even if I’m angry or make a mistake.  I pray you learn to love.  And that you love freely and unconditionally.  Your daddy is an amazing example of love.  He shows me love and grace every day.  I’m thankful you have him as an example.  And I feel so overwhelmed because I know you are loved already by so many.  You have an amazing family.  Your grandparents – all four of em – they will spoil you rotten I’m sure – but mostly they will show you love.  You’ve got a lot of aunts and uncles too.  Three aunts and three uncles that are “technically” in the family, and then a whole slew of aunts and uncles who don’t share our name.  Daddy and I have been so blessed by amazing friendships over the years and I can’t wait for you to come to know our friends as your friends and your aunts or uncles because they love you too.
Your mom’s a big pile of mush these days, so I apologize for the sappiness of this letter.  I promise to write some cool – not so mushy – letters later don’t worry.  I’ve got a whole journal already for ya.  Don’t worry; there are some cool, hip letters in there.  But today, all I want you to know is that you are loved.  So loved.

love, mama

PS - You get a name next week when we find out if you're a boy or a girl! 

PPS - I love you!


Kalyn Randolph said...

You look beautiful, friend! SO SO happy and excited for you!!

Kelly Slater said...

So sweet, and I love that little bump! Can't wait to find out what you're having!

malloryhrussell said...

Nise I am literally crying and cracking up at the same time. How is this possible?! You're so cool and hip and I can't wait to read dem cool and hip letters to the babe. And I can't believe your little munchkin will officially have a name next week. This blows my mind. I love you. And your bump. And that life within it!

Katie Cook said...

you are ADORABLE!!! your sweet pea is going to be SO cute:)

nicole said...

likes thin mints? love them already :) you look adorable!

k8te said...

you look great!! and thin mints? the kid's got good taste already! ;)

Deidre said...

You look great! And this letter was so sweet.

Esther Ann said...

Ahww this is so beautiful :')

Emily {Isnt That Charming} said...

This is SO sweet - you are glowing!
Isn’t That Charming.

The Egg said...

you are such a hot mama!
look forward to e-meeting you tomorrow night

xo the egg out west.

Mrs. H said...

You are so cute! You look amazing.

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