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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Today, Kate is over here blogging about her 1 year anniversary (and her adorable idea to stick with tradition for the gift)!  SO excited to have her and I hope you will hop on over to her adorable blog and say hello when you're finished here :)


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Hello Gratefully Inspired Readers!  I’m Kate and I blog over at A Peony for Your Thoughts.  I was thrilled when Denise asked me to take over her blog for the day.  I love reading her blog and I couldn’t be happier for her as she just recently announced that she’s pregnant! I can’t wait to follow along with her journey, as I’m sure it will fuel my baby fever ;)   I’m a newlywed coming up on our 1st anniversary in March.  Can I still say I’m a newlywed after a year? Yes?  I thought so too.

I’m here to talk about two of my favorite things, my husband and shopping.  In keeping with tradition Tim and I have decided to do a “paper” gift since that’s the designated gift for year one.  You can find gifts by year here.  We bought our first home just before our wedding and we are still severely lacking in artwork, ahem...or anything on our walls.  So, we’ve decided to get each other a print that we think the other person would like.  I thought I’d share a few that I liked for Tim, and a few that I like for me!
I love this Hafiz quote, in fact it was part of our wedding ceremony so would really be my first choice as a present.  But I can’t find it in a print that I like.  I guess I could design and print one myself?  I found it on a plaque on etsy, but that doesn’t count as paper, and I’m not a fan of the font. (I’m picky)

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I could go the cool route, like this neat typography print of Pennsylvania (where we live!)
This ampersand on the brick wall looks cool, the perfect mixture of cool art (for guys) and lovey dovey symbolism with the ampersand.
This print is cute, and not too sappy, right?
This one would just be a joke, since we have a bloodhound.   I don’t think we’d really hang something like this in our house.  Sorry, Henry ;)
Now, on to art prints that I would like the hubby to get me.  Maybe I’ll even send this post his way, for “proofreading” purposes of course. ;) 
As a self-professed coffee addict, I’ve been eyeing this one for a while.
I love this coco chanel print for our bathroom. 

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I really like this Steve Jobs quote, and would love to have it hanging in our house.
I like this feather print, it’s simple but I love the ombre effect.
Are you married?  Do you and your partner follow the specific gift by year tradition?  I’m sure we may slack off on it after a few years, but for year one I think we’ll give it a go.   I’d love to hear how you celebrate!


Megan said...

Kate, why don't you make that first print yourself, on paper? Or I could help you, haha!

I think these are great ideas. Or even giving your guy a special picture of you two - like your second date or so - in a nice frame could work.

Following your blog now Denise, I love the look and feel, it's great!

Esther Ann said...

I thought the same, I would love to use that quote and make my own print. I have done something similar for valentines day, not quite finished so that my job for this eve.
Kate, your wedding pictures are soooooo beautiful and your dress is amazing! Wowers.

Esther x

Kerri said...

I love that you're planning to stick with the traditional anniversary gifts. some of them are going to force you to get creative!

k8te said...

thanks ladies! and thanks denise for having me! :) i'm going to try to design the print myself i think! :)

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