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Thursday, February 21, 2013

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So it’s February 21.  A month and a half in to 2013.  Crazy how fast that went right?  I was reflecting the other day about My One Word and my goal setting for this year, and started to get frustrated with myself.  “Ugh, if I had just done this already,” or “Goodness gracious I wish I hadn’t done this.”  Then I stopped.  Just stopped.  Took a deep breath, ran to my husband and curled up in a ball in his lap.  Because it hit me.  Setting these goals and choosing my one word is not something that holds me back.  It is not something that chains me down and it is certainly not something that beats me up when I make slow progress.  There is freedom in picking one word to focus on all year and there is freedom in setting goals.  These goals represent something to me – some represent happiness, some love, some organization and some a better heart.  All things that I yearn for and all things of which I am working for every day. 
The cliché’ saying, “It’s not the destination, but the journey” ran through my mind and it rings so true.  We aren’t ever finished, are we?  These goals and this word is something I choose every day.  Every day I work towards them – some days harder than others but still – I work towards them.  So sweet friends, if you are frustrated with your New Year’s Resolutions already, or frustrated with yourself even – don’t be!  Let it go.  Pick up today and continue going where you wanted to go this year.  Continue to make things happen in your life! 
And if you’re out there wondering what I chose this year for My One Word – I chose surrender.  I am choosing to surrender to God every little piece of my life and my heart (something that is very tough for a control freak like me).  And if you’re confused as to what My One Word even is, or want to read more about my goal/setting and word choosing start here and here.


Jessica said...

Completely agree. That one word can either chain you down or free you- the choice is up to you. It's all in how you look at it.

Katie said...

Surrender. It entitles so much will power and yet the act of it is so freeing. This was the perfect reminder for me today, thank you. Also, I'm your most recent follower! Can't wait to read more.

Take care,

Elle said...

surrender is a great word. mine is relax (and my mantra is "let it be" ha!). i really like this post because I sometimes get wrapped in all that haven't done and forget that we still have time. we can still make things happen.

thanks for the reminder.

and I'm all for those cute little momma's boys so I vote boy! ;)

Caroline Davies said...

Love the word you chose! It's a great reminder to trust God, and I can always use that reminder.


Alisha said...

Hey Denise! Just found your blog from the video q&a coming up later this week. Can't wait to meet you :)

Hope you have a great week!
Alisha and Brandon {the blog}

Sam said...

I love this! I get so caught up in not meeting my goals totally and completely that I forget about how much progress I have made.

Elizabeth said...

i love this. this is beautiful. i am so glad i found your blog :) i did words this year too! i think that surrender is a great word and so very powerful if we let the Lord bring that word to fruition!!

Kasey Lynne said...

What a great one word choice! I have problems with surrendering every day...I need to learn to let go and let God.

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