wedding post - food and flowers

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Food and flowers.  My day-to-day life is still consumed with them both.  I love food and I love flowers.  This was probably the easiest part of planning my wedding.  Matt and I picked out the menu, appetizers and midnight snack in 5 minutes.  The cake design?  All the hubs.  The cake sampling?  We couldn't decide so we had a different flavor for every layer.  My mom, my sister and I knocked out the flowers with a couple of meetings and some wine.  I knew I wanted white – lots of white – and some green too.  Oh and texture.  I wanted some texture in my bouquet – aka not a super round ball (although lately I have seem some gorgeous round bouquets).  So my bouquets were a mix of lilies, white roses, lots of greenery and some spunk.  Here is what I ended with…
personalized menus

cake tasting with all parents.  5 mini cakes.  each a different flavor.  amazing

finished product.  Thank you Nancy Hearne.
midnight snack - milkshakes and grilled cheese
1. bride bouquet 2. bridesmaids' bouquet

1. my bouquet 2. moss cones on the pews
place settings. some tall. some short.


Kelly S. said...

Everything was so beautiful...and the midnight snacks were the best idea ever! :)

Anonymous said...

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