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Friday, May 4, 2012

It’s finally Friday, and the re-living of my wedding week is officially coming to an end… well for now at least.  But don’t worry; I have saved the most important part of planning my wedding for last.  You want to know my biggest secret? The people.  The people that stood beside me on my wedding day, the people that stood beside me the months leading up to my wedding day and the people who have always stood beside me.  They are what made my wedding day so special.  Because at the end of the day, you can take away the flowers and fancy cars; take away the 80’s music and yes, even the perfect wedding dress.  September 25, 2010 would still be my perfect day.  I married the best man I know.  He challenges me and fights for me.  And my family who has loved and sacrificed for me was there for it all.  And my friends – my sisters.  The lengths they went to in order to make me feel special, beautiful and most of all loved, was incredible.  I will forever be humbled by my experience of wedding planning.  I hope I am as good of a friend, sister and daughter as they were to me.  Thank you.  Here are a few of those special people.

sisters and moms at my bridal luncheon
1. with my sissy and my mom, Veronica and Linda 2. with my sister-in-laws and mom-in-law, Sarah, Jen and Margaret
matt with his boys
my sister and her family
two of my besties
1. Emily "emmie" 2. Beth "bethy" my beautiful readers and greeters
with my oldest nephew, our ring bearer
with the Lopatka brothers
my best friends caught the bouquet...

breaking it down with friends and family

happy friday


Amanda Marshall said...

you were a GORGEOUS bride!!

Anya said...

Wow I agree w Marshall above. Too pretty...

Charles Crookes said...

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anonymous said...

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