Thursday, May 10, 2012

sunset at my apartment

May 10th really?  March and April where did you go?  You know those moments in life when time seems to mock you while racing forward?  You are in go-go-go mode and then BOOM, you realize 2 months are gone.  Well last night was one of those moments for me.  As cheesy as it sounds, the older I get the faster time flies.  Sometimes I wish I could just stop and hold on to the moments – make them last just a little bit longer – a 1:3 ratio at best.  It’s a contradictory relationship though.  I can’t wait until this week is over, yet I want it to slow down all in the same.  An overwhelming feeling consumes me and my to-do lists of past reappear.  “I didn’t get this finished,” or “I didn’t work out as much as I’d like in April.”  And there I am, left with an unfinished feeling – a slight disappointment even.  I forget to focus on what I did accomplish and the amazing memories I made – oh and the hope that the new month brings.  That’s when I slow down.  I sometimes find myself taking mental notes to remember a feeling or a scene for a later smile.  Like last night, during an impromptu date night at Sweet-n-Savory, I remember wanting time to simply stand still.  At least for a few more minutes while I finished my lettuce wraps then decided to help my husband finish his Croissant Sandwich.  He made a passing comment about an upcoming vacation (Antigua here we come) and I “corrected” him and reminded him we still had a while.  It was then that I realized time again had passed me by.  Somehow April bid farewell and May slid in without my notice.  And here we are, 10 days in and I’m just realizing, I mean really realizing what time of year it is.  Summer brings feelings of joy and relaxation but also this tense, worry that time is slipping away too fast.  So, in an effort to acknowledge time and yet again, slow it down, I will take a deep breath and be thankful.  Thankful for the time I am given and for those memories I have made.  I hope you will take a deep breath today and just be.  Be happy that God has given you time.

Some moments I wish would stand still....

buying our first christmas tree together in Winston Salem

my 26th birthday dinner


Melanie said...

beautiful pictures :)))

Meredith said...

I love the christmas tree pic- too cute!

Sara said...

I really loved this post, Denise. You're not the only one who has a love-hate relationship with time! I feel like it speeds up and slows down on purpose to make us understand its importance.

But happy summer! (finally!) xo

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