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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Best. Night. Ever.  That is how I remember my wedding reception and how I hope that most of my family and friends do as well.  But there was a lot of planning that went into that special night.  As I mentioned before it was not always a cake walk, but my control-freak nature kept me organized and my superhuman mom made everything possible.  I am excited to share with you all of the little details that made my reception my reception.  As much as I’d like to claim complete originality it is not so.  When I got engaged it was blogs and inspiration boards that I turned to in order to find my ideas and my details.  I loved the way roses floated through the air on one blog as the happy couple made their exit.  So I had to have rose petals.  My heart melted when I saw Thank You Boards in a card, so guess what?  I got me some boards.  So my hope in offering these little details is that someone will find inspiration for their special day or their best friend’s special day, or that someone will just appreciate it and smile.  As a Bride you always wonder, will anyone notice the silver chargers?  Or the pinned seating chart?  Or what about the personalized menus?  While there are some people who may pass over your details, I am not one of them.  I think that once you plan a wedding or have been a part of a wedding you have a new found respect for the art.  You notice the silver ribbon around the cake that matches the programs.  You get it.  And you appreciate it.  I am still consumed by wedding blogs and sweet love stories, because it’s not just one night you’re planning.  Not to me.  It’s the beginning of forever.  And that is something truly special.  So today will be about the details.  My details of my day.  Enjoy…  

1. Place Settings/Favors - Matt and I both have a huge sweet tooth.  So, on the reply cards we requested that every guest include their favorite desert recipe.  My mom printed and compiled all of the recipes for a desert cookbook as a favor on our wedding day.
our place settings had alternating gifts.  every other one had a tin of mints and the others had a cookbook. 
our cookbooks.  a labor of love.  thanks mom

2. Personalized Menus - we had a sit down dinner where everyone chose what they ate so we had to have a way for the waiters to know what they orderd....  Personalized menus in different colors were the answer.... once again, mom you're brilliant
personalized menus at every place setting

3. Candy Table - Have I mentioned we love sweets?  We had to have a candy table... and floating candles throughout the ballroom

4. Words of Wisdom - When I got married I was teaching 2nd grade and was blessed with an artist for a class mom.  Fate?  I think so.  She was so unbelievably kind and had all of our 7 year-olds write marriage advice.  Needless to say it was sweet, entertaining and hilarious.  She compiled the advice into the shape of a wedding cake and how could I not display this in my cocktail area?

5. Bridal Portrait - This one was tricky for me because I did not like my hair from the front.... so i got creative.

6. The same signs seen here were flipped over for the "Thank You."  We included these in our thank you notes.

7. Random Surprise - my dad called up a groomsman to sing the fight song for Virginia Tech.  (my dad is a HUGE Tech fan - more on that later)

8. Exit Strategy - my mom has been known to monogram everything, including our fake rose petals for throwing.

9. Transportation - My parents surprised us with a Rolls-Royce to leave in.  Best ride of my life.


Sara said...

Your wedding looked absolutely stunning! You and the hubs make such a pretty couple! And all that wedding planning and what not sure did pay off ;) xo

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

I am having such a great time reading all your blog posts!!! I'll probably keep coming back to to read a few more posts each day! I'm sooo glad we found each others blogs.

And I see you know about the Fisk File blog!!!! I just started following Britt because I know her sister. I'll be meeting Britt this summer at her sister's wedding.....small world =)

You had a gorgeous wedding and I really loved all of your flowers! So unique and beautiful. Off to read some more of your posts :)

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